Don't think vaccination is important? Research shows 60 percent to 70 percent of coliform mastitis infections become clinical. Coliform mastitis, when it occurs, can become severe and cause these negative impacts on your cows: • Fever • Abnormal milk • Excessive udder edema • Dramatic drop in milk production • Death Click to hear Dan Funke, quality milk manager with Pfizer Animal Health, talks about mastitis management programs that begin with vaccination. Vaccination with an Escherichia coli (E. coli) vaccine can help lessen the severity of mastitis cases that do occur and provide a better opportunity for successful treatment. Help protect your cows against coliform mastitis through vaccination, environmental management and proper nutrition. Are your cows protected against coliform mastitis? Learn why mastitis prevention should be part of your milk quality program at Dave Venard, manager with Waupun State Farm, and Dan Funke, quality milk manager with Pfizer Animal Health, stress the importance of E. coli mastitis vaccination to give your cows the best chance for a healthy lactation. 08.04.2011 1Hogan J, Smith KL. Coliform mastitis. Vet Res 2003;34:507-519. Available at: . Accessed June 30, 2011.