DEFOREST, WISCONSIN – August 10, 2011…With the release of the August 2011 USDA Genetic Evaluations, ABS Global expands the dairy lineup with 17 new graduates. "The new graduate lineup is highlighted by sires that will transmit ideal dairy conformation, health and fitness, and have the ability to put milk in the tank," stated Scott Bentley, Global Dairy Product Manager. "We strive to offer elite genetics that will fulfill and exceed breeders' goals, and this all-encompassing list of graduates will give producers desirable options within the focus of their sire selection." If high type sires are a priority in your breeding program, look to the following sires now available at ABS Global. 29HO13601 ZELGADIS Exciting Italian graduate with a unique pedigree (Goldwyn x Aaron) and over +3.0 on UDC, FLC and PTAT Exceptional udders with tremendous attachments Strong, tall cows with great legs and clean hocks 29HO13712 REVAMP An Elegant son of Whittier Farm's Outsize Roz 2E-95 EEEEE DOM Stylish daughters with balance and openness Snugly attached udders 29HO12646 BOSSMAN A Goldwyn x Stormatic son backed by ten generations of VG or EX Some of the highest daughter scores in UK Beautiful bone, welded on udders and great feet and legs 29HO13723 GAMEDAY A Buckeye x Titanic sire for the heifer pen Stylish silhouettes with openness and depth of rib Deep udder creases with height and width to mammary 29HO13599 KAIMURAT A Goldwyn son from ZELGADIS family Stylish individuals that are excellent in the rump Exceptional rear udders with great ligaments and texture If putting more milk in the tank is priority, look to these three graduates for outstanding production. 529HO13718 RODRIGO An ABS Sexation® exclusive Toystory x O Man son bred for high production and functional type Provides a blend of strength and dairyness ideal for the parlor High producing cows with excellent components 29HO13665 ALTIMA An Encino x O Man son making daughters ideal for commercial environments Deep ribbed, open cows excel in dairy form Large milk volumes from shallow uddered daughters 29HO13706 ORIENT JET STREAM x BOLIVER from long line of bull mothers Moderate sized, balanced, problem free cows Udders are high above the hock without sacrificing production in the parlor These bulls are sure to make profitable, long life cows suitable for any environment. 29HO13621 ZOLTAN At +4.7 PL, this Zenith x O Man son is known for durable daughters 2nd dam is Rudolph Zip, EX-95 GMD DOM with over 200,000 lifetime milk Well attached, youthful udders 29HO13769 JOB Ideal sire stack (SHOTTLE x Durham x Leadman) Refined cows that can compete in commercial environment Shallow udders with great attachments, strong clefts and great teat placement 29HO13507 CRIVAL SHOTTLE x Finley son from a deep cow family Consistent daughters are tall and stylish with eye-catching appeal Impeccable udders and high Productive Life (+3.8) 529HO13669 SKYLINE An ABS Sexation® exclusive sire backed by eight generations of EX dams with six receiving multiple Es and four over 200,000 lbs lifetime milk Daughters are profitable at +3.9 PL and +1.4 DPR Shallow udders with strong fore udder attachments Finally, if your breeding program is based on a solid, balanced package, look to incorporate these ABS sires. 29HO13796 PONDER A Buckeye x O Man grandson of Patron Genie, EX-90 DOM and 43,000 lbs milk with 1800 lbs fat High component sire Daughters have excellent mobility with steep foot angle and flex to hock 29HO12665 MEL An exciting sire from the UK combines six generations of EX with SHOTTLE x Capri Melinda EX-93 3E Great width and power with outstanding locomotion High and wide rear udders with long fore udders 29HO13799 VENTURA A Marsh x O Man sire to increase production without sacrificing udders Moderate sized cows with welded on fore udder attachments Solid foot and leg sire that will straighten the leg 529HO13659 RHODAMINE An ABS Sexation® exclusive sire by Toystory x Mtoto strikes the balance of dairyness and strength Daughters are square, with width and depth Extreme fore udders 94HO13637 REDBULL*RC A Tribute son from the million dollar All-American cow Regiment Apple-Red, EX-94 DOM Outstanding, youthful udders with snug fore udder attachments One of the most influential cow families in the Red and White breed To implement any of these sires into your breeding program, contact your local ABS representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.