Following the release of the August 2011 genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics ranked the highest for PPR, NM$, Production, Type, Udder Composite and Health Traits. 54BS447 Olson Mel Zeus Mojo ET *TM graduated and immediately rose to the top position for PPR Index and NM$. Mojo graduated with 16 daughters in as many herds with a production proof of +1179m +58f +.05% +37p +3.9 Productive Life, +0.2 DPR and $539 NM$. Mojo is the only active Brown Swiss bull over $500NM$ in the U.S. His Type proof is +0.4 Type and +0.75 Udder Composite. 54BS438 R N R Payoff Brookings continues to rank near the top for PPR Index, NM$ and Type. Brookings added more daughters and his production proof is +342m +32f +.08% +24p +.06% +4.8 Productive Life, +0.4 DPR and +480 NM$. Brookings is also +1.0 Type and +1.46 Udder Composite. Brookings sustained a injury in the spring but is back in production and semen is readily available. 54BS374 Sun-Made Vigor ET *TM with nearly 2,000 daughters in his second crop has become the most complete bull in recent memory. Vigor daughters are being contracted for sons all over the world and Vigor sons are actively being sampled by all bull studs. Vigor's proof is NM$ +449 +497m +10f +23p +.03% +0.4 DPR +0.8 Type and +1.30 Udder Composite and a breed leading +6.2 Productive Life. 54BS438 Cozy Nook Beamer Torch added daughters to his proof and now ranks in the top five for the PPR Index and NM$. Torch is continually rising in the industry and has 57 milking daughters in his proof and is +377m +43f +.12% +32p +.09% +3.2 Productive Life +1.2 DPR +0.65 Udder Composite and +425 NM$. 54BS436 Sunnyisle Total ET *TM graduated into the proven line-up based on his superior Type and show winning quality. He has 26 daughters in his proof and will continue to add more in the future. His proof is +0.5 Type +0.45 Udder Composite . He has a very popular pedigree as a Legacy from Sunnyisle Colby Twilite EX94. 54BS415 Old Mill C Solution ET *TM continued to strengthen his proof and remain the highest milk son from Snickerdoodle. His proof is +584m +14f +12p +0.8 DPR +0.2 Productive Life and +0.3 Type. Solution is available in Preferred Sex Semen. Prefered Sex Semen is also available from the following bulls: Blessing Mort Laura Legacy, Bo Joy Premium Galaxy, Bo Joy Agenda Goldwyn, Twinkle-Hill Dynasty Alloy, Pit-Crew Wonder Tanbark and Forest Lawn Wallstreet. New Generation Genetics offers the most comprehensive Brown Swiss Sires portfolio in the U.S. For further information call 920-568-0554, email or visit 8.15.2011