Increased Efficiencies Supports Company's Focus on New Product Development

Foster Farms Dairy has announced it is adding fluid milk and orange juice production to its Modesto plant which will result in approximately 50 new jobs for the area. The addition will improve capabilities at the all-purpose plant while leveraging resources and taking advantage of Modesto's central location for both milk production and west coast consumer markets. As part of the Modesto expansion, the company will shift milk and orange juice production from its plant in Fresno. Foster Farms Dairy has been updating and modernizing its Kansas Avenue plant in recent years to process a variety of dairy products including fluid milk, cultured products and ice cream. It manufactures milk, juices, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese and specialty dry powders and mixes. "This expansion is key to our growth as a one-stop dairy products supplier and the premier frozen dairy dessert provider on the west coast," said Jeff Foster, chief executive officer. He added, "We have put great focus on developing a fully-integrated dairy program with an array of new consumer products and innovative offerings in recent years and this will enable us to continue that effort." Among the latest product offerings being produced at the Modesto plant includes half-gallon milk jugs, single-serving milk containers as well as being the first processor on the West Coast to offer new milk products such as Dairy Balance with Probiotics which provides the essential proteins, vitamin D and calcium of regular milk with the added benefit of probiotics to help support a person's digestive and immune health. "We are constantly listening to our customers to anticipate their needs and as a result, our new product offerings, particularly in the frozen dessert category are being extremely well-received," said Foster. He added, "Our success includes exciting new ice cream flavors such as Cherry Chocolate Chunk, new packaging sizes such as our 3.6 ounce on-the-go items and a variety of frozen novelties that include cones, bars, sandwiches and cups." In recent years, the company has expanded its business through acquisitions of ice cream plants in Sacramento and Salem, Oregon. In 2007, it purchased the popular Crystal Cream and Butter Company and added the Crystal brand to its product offerings. Two years later, the company purchased Humboldt Creamery, a producer of organic and conventional dairy products based in Eureka. About Foster Farms Dairy Foster Farms Dairy is family owned and has been operating in California since 1941. It employs more than 1,100 people throughout California and Oregon while processing more than 130 million gallons of processed products annually. Today the company is led by Jeff Foster, grandson of the founders. Seventy years after its founding, Foster Farms Dairy is still committed to the same principals as founders Max and Verda were when they started the business: Honesty, People, Quality, Service and Excellence. Producer of a full line of products including milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream, and butter, the Dairy remains committed to animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Producer of a variety of dairy brands including Crystal, Humboldt Creamery, Deluxe, Vitafreeze and now Dairy Balance, Foster Farms Dairy is proud of its long history of providing customers the freshest, local dairy products possible. For more information about Foster Farms Dairy visit or call Foster Farms Dairy directly at 888-316-6064. 08.18.2011