• Reference articles, expert tips and information for control of costly reproductive and respiratory diseases
• Video, audio segments with practicing veterinarians enhance website user's experience
• Available at www.vira?shield.com
Novartis Animal Health U.S., Inc. has created a new, multi-media website exclusively for Vira Shield®, the number one selling inactivated cattle vaccine in the U.S. Vira Shield provides broad-spectrum protection from the most common reproductive and respiratory diseases affecting U.S. beef and dairy cattle today.

The website,
www.vira?shield.com, includes information tailored specifically for beef producers, dairy producers and veterinarians. For producers, the disease information, vaccination guidelines and expert management tips can be leveraged in preventive health programs that drive better performance. For veterinarians, the site includes a library of scientific research papers and technical bulletins that are easily accessible for quick reference.

Visitors to the Vira Shield website can also access video and audio clips from producers and practicing veterinarians who face different cattle health challenges based on their geographic region and type of operation or practice.

"At Novartis Animal Health, our focus is really on prevention," said Doug Scholz, DVM, director of veterinary services. "Our goal is to help beef and dairy producers minimize the incidence of disease and economic burdens that come with managing and treating sick animals. All of the tools and information we've included on www.vira?shield.com are designed to support producers and veterinarians in their efforts to maintain healthy, top-performing herds."

Vira Shield is available in nine different combinations that contain up to 13 antigens in one ready-to-use bottle. It is the only vaccine to feature 3-way protection against the predominant disease affecting U.S. cattle-bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVD). It also provides protection against bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV), infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), parainfluenza Type 3 (PI3), Lepto hardjo-bovis and vibriosis.

Vira Shield is safe for use in all cattle, including pregnant cows and heifers, regardless of their age or previous vaccination history. To learn more about Vira Shield and cattle health management tips that drive maximum performance, visit www.vira?shield.com and contact your Novartis Animal Health representative.