Accelerated Genetics GEMpc: Mating For The Future

Accelerated Genetics logoAccelerated Genetics unique mating program Genetic Evaluation and Mating (GEMpc) is a valuable tool that producers can personalize to fit their needs and aid in sire selection. With the recent addition of haplotypes that affect fertility, producers that utilize GEMpc can ensure successful matings and quality end results.

With the help of a regional services specialist, GEMpc creates a personalized sire selection index that picks the ideal bulls for each producer's distinctive breeding program. The program analyzes each animal individually on all 17 major type traits with a linear score. Sire selections are then made from a bank of over 70,000 proven bulls. The program considers the closest 96 ancestors in its inbreeding control and completes recessive and haplotype match checks on each potential mating. It also allows producers to emphasize specific traits to more effectively meet their herd goals. Results from GEMpc are printed right on farm and are also available to be imported into herd software programs.

"GEMpc is a powerful resource for dairy producers to achieve the most profitable herd of cows in the style that fits their needs and goals," states Joe Stanek, GEMpc Program Coordinator and Regional Services Specialist.

With the addition of haplotypes, a group of SNP markers that are located at adjacent positions on the chromosome and are usually inherited together, GEMpc can tell the estimated frequency of the haplotype currently in your herd and manage the usage of bulls that carry an undesirable haplotype. Scientists have identified five haplotypes that have not been found in a homozygous state in genotyped animals and have a negative effect on conception rate when present in the sire and dam. It is assumed that the outcome of inheriting the same haplotype from both parents is a failed conception or early embryonic loss. Utilizing computerized mating programs, such as GEMpc, is a simple and inexpensive solution for avoiding affected matings.

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