Accelerated Genetics Announces Genetics Division Realignment

Accelerated GeneticsEffective October 1, 2011, Accelerated Genetics will have a new Vice President Genetics. Dr. Ole Meland, former Vice President Genetics will be stepping down and Devan Funk will assume the position. Dr. Meland plans to retire from Accelerated Genetics in September 2013, but has decided to stay with the company part time as Director of Business Development.

Funk has been with Accelerated Genetics for 21 years, most recently serving as Genetics Development Manager. Funk will be working alongside Dr. Meland to transition into his new role. Along with eight employees, he will be responsible for the procurement, genomic testing, progeny test sampling and evaluation of all dairy sires. Photography and daughter tours of dairy sires and their progeny are also included. He had been directly responsible for the procurement of all Accelerated Genetics Holstein and Jersey sires from Wisconsin and all Ayrshires sires.

For the past 26 years Dr. Meland held the Vice President Genetics position at Accelerated Genetics. In his new role with the company, he will be able to focus his efforts on important industry-related programs, of which he is currently involved. He serves as Chairman of the National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB), is on the Board of the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) and is the Chairman of the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding that is working to put together a new agreement with USDA to form a dairy data alliance.

Accelerated Genetics' President and Chief Executive Officer, Joel Groskreutz comments, "We are pleased that Devan Funk has accepted the Vice President Genetics position at Accelerated Genetics. His long-time tenure with us makes him a natural fit to the progressivly-growing genetics division and to our company, in general. On the other hand, we thank Dr. Ole Meland for his dedicated service to the genetics division these past 26 years. We are truly excited to have him move into this new role with the company. His expertise on the political side of the business is a tremendous asset for us and for the future of the dairy industry. We are fortunate to have him in this capacity."

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