Comprehensive software tool for optimizing fertilizer utilization and nutrient formulations becomes commercially available worldwide

SMART Fertilizer Management today announced the commercial release of its innovative SMART Fertilizer Management and Optimization software tool. SMART Fertilizer Management is the first comprehensive software for managing fertilizer utilization for any crop, under any conditions, taking into account the multiple dynamic factors, required in optimizing fertilizer use. SMART enables growers to increase yield, while saving tens of thousands of dollars annually on fertilizer costs. SMART's solution also addresses the global misuse of fertilizers that results in waste, soil damage, and groundwater contamination. Using SMART, farmers and professional agriculturalists can create tailor-made nutrient formulations and fertility programs, based on local soil and water conditions anywhere in the world. SMART Fertilizer Management is now available for purchase by contacting the company directly through its website: While growers internationally cope with high fertilizer prices and struggle to balance their crop's fertility program, current practices rely on trial and error and educated estimations. SMART Fertilizer Management offers a cost-effective scientific solution to these age old challenges. The software, which is compatible with all PCs, is designed to be an authoritative, user-friendly algorithmic platform of chemical, agricultural and technical data. SMART software has been field-tested in over 350 commercial agricultural sites in 46 countries and on dozens of crops. Current users include growers, consultants and governmental and academic institutions. "The results of SMART software over three years of research and development are unprecedented. Our clients report savings of tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. The cost of licensing the software system - hundreds of dollars - represents a small fraction of this savings and pays for itself many times over," said SMART founder and CEO Guy Sela, "We at SMART Fertilizer are especially proud that our product is also contributing to reducing soil damage and contamination of water sources worldwide." SMART algorithms help to monitor and manage changing water quality, conflicting needs of different crops and other challenges, balancing the complex mix of nutrients in soil, water and fertilizers. The software is easy-to-use. Growers simply enter information about water quality, soil composition, irrigation system specifications and crop data and SMART returns an individualized formula with optimal recommendations. If fertigation is used, the fertilizer recommendation is followed by a schedule for distribution into fertilizer stock tanks and application. SMART also offers a module for fertilizer cost analysis, which enables stronger budget control and better long-term planning. SMART Fertilizer Management software is available in basic and professional versions. About SMART Fertilizer Management SMART Fertilizer Management was founded in 2008 by Guy Sela, an agronomist specializing in irrigation and plant nutrition. Sela holds a BSc. degree in Agronomical Engineering with a specialization in irrigation, fertilization and water treatment from Hebrew University. Frustrated that there was no product on the market that could help growers face the challenges of fertigation, Sela enlisted a team of software developers to create SMART. Today, SMART supports all growing methods, including: open field crops, hydroponics and fertigation. 10.13.2011