Kansas-based, family-owned McCarty Dairy has entered an exclusive multi-year agreement with The Dannon Company to become the Company's sole supplier for fresh milk for its yogurt plant in Fort Worth, Texas. As Dannon's fresh milk supplier, McCarty Dairy will provide its milk directly to Dannon. This is the first time Dannon has entered into this type of partnership with a family-owned dairy. Through the partnership, both McCarty Dairy and Dannon will reduce the impact of milk pricing volatility on their respective businesses and will simultaneously create a closer, more direct relationship between farmer and consumer. McCarty Dairy and Dannon share ambitious goals for environmental stewardship and sustainability, which can now be implemented based on the direct collaboration. McCarty Dairy is a fourth-generation dairy located in Northwest Kansas, currently managed by Tom and Judy McCarty, and their sons Mike, Clay and Ken. McCarty Dairy milks approximately 1,600 cows three times a day, averaging over 121,000 lbs of milk per day (approximately 9 gallons per cow, per day). 10.18.2011