System Tours You Don't Want to Miss!

Designing Successful Sand Facilities is the theme of our 2011 McLanahan Sand Solutions Conference. This year you have the option to chose the location and date which suits you best! The first one-day conference will be held November 15th in Geneseo, New York and the second on November 17th in Lansing, Michigan. Each one-day conference will include discussions on freestall housing and management of sand bedded freestalls including stall design, ventilation, facility layout, retrofitting to sand bedding and manure handling considerations. You will be hearing presentations from industry experts in the morning and see working Sand Manure Separation Systems in the afternoon. Lunch and transportation will be provided. Registration closes November 14, 2011. View and download our registration form below! Or register online here or call Renee Schrift at 814-695-9807! 11.08.2011