Milk quality can mean different things to different people. But milk quality, by any definition, has a common goal - a safe and wholesome end product. Dairy producers and industry leaders offer thought-provoking viewpoints on this topic in a new Milk Quality Focus video. Hear various perspectives on achieving high-quality milk from:
  • Bob Church - New York dairy producer
  • Dave Venard - Wisconsin dairy producer
  • Dr. Ynte Schukken - Professor and director of Quality Milk Production Services, Cornell University
  • Jim Sleper - Director of Milk Supply for Land O' Lakes
  • Stan Erwine - Vice president of Producer Relations, Dairy Management Inc.™
  • Dr. Roger Saltman - Pfizer Animal Health group director of Cattle Technical Services
  • Doris Ledwith - Pfizer Animal Health Quality Milk Manager
Whether your definition of milk quality is backed by hard data or personal confidence in the product you produce, maintaining high standards is the common thread linking continued consumer confidence and a healthy bottom line. Learn more at 12.15.2011