Nebraska State Dairy Association The University of Nebraska Dairy Farm and a dairy farmer from Stromsburg have been honored with top awards from the state's dairy industry. The Philip H. Cole Memorial Awards singled out the University for the Distinguished Service Award, while Douglas Nuttelman received the Distinguished Dairyman Award. The honors were presented during the Nebraska Dairy Convention in Norfolk.

The University Dairy began its activity in the late 1800s and recently moved to the East Campus, where it continues dairy research that resulted in more than 250 papers and abstracts during the past 25 years. Manager Erin Moratz accepted the award on behalf of the dairy, while also being recognized for over 20 years of service there.

Doug Nuttelman and his family milk 225 cows at Stromsburg, having begun dairying in 1986 with 60 cows. His wife, Gloria, and three sons – Jason, Greg and Scott – also have five employees who help make the dairy successful. Nuttelman has served on the boards of Dairy Farmers of America, National Milk Producers Federation, Midwest Dairy Association and the National Dairy Board. He also serves his church and is chairman of the local United Farmers Co-op.

Three dairies were recognized as top winners for quality milk. They were:
1. Russ and Lori Bryant, Omaha;
2. Darrell Wallman, Diller; and
3. Prairieland Dairy, Firth.

Awards were also presented to the top production herds in three categories. They were:
Holstein –
1. Broken Bow Dairy LLC, Milburn;
2. Wallman Dairy, Diller; and
3. Tiemersma Dairy, LLC, Jansen.
Crossbred/Mixed –
1. Crook Dairy, Humboldt.
Jersey –
1. James Meyer, Roca; and
2. Chad and Robbin Beckmann, Omaha

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