DBC Ag ProductsImmWave is a novel technology that contains potent, select milk proteins that fortify the calf's immune system. With the addition of ImmWave, Last Stand is a powerful lifesaver for calves critically ill with scours, malnutrition, and disease when other remedies are not enough.

The multi-faceted all-natural formulation delivers key components directly into the bloodstream, enhancing the response of the immune system to jump-start recovery.
This new technology is brought to you by DBC Ag Products, makers of First Arrival® with Encrypt®.

Given orally to a severely sick calf, Last Stand with ImmWave targets harmful pathogens in the gut, providing an immediate boost to the calf's immune system, establishing intestinal balance, and speeding recovery. The specifically formulated combination of new and proven technology including select milk proteins, Encrypt, multiple targeted egg proteins, host-specific micro-encapsulated lactic acid producing bacteria, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin D3 makes Last Stand with ImmWave a wise choice in the battle to save every calf, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

Last Stand with ImmWave is available in a 60g paste tube, and there are 12 tubes in each attractive shelf-ready display carton.

We encourage all dairy and beef producers to keep several doses of Last Stand with ImmWave on hand for quick response to life-and-death emergencies. And we extend a special invitation to you to learn more about this important new product by visiting dbcAgProducts.com or contacting us at 717-509-5724.