New Training Module, Spanish Content, Rebate Program Updates

Merial The Best In Class Dairies website, which is part of Merial's ongoing efforts to provide dairies with the information and tools they need to maximize efficiency and profit, has recently been updated with new resources and features that will make it more valuable to a broader range of dairy operations. Enhancements to the website include new English and Spanish environmental mastitis training modules, as well as new site content in Spanish and an electronic rebate calculator.

"Our goal is to increase the productivity of the dairy operation at every level," says Steve Vandeberg, director of Merial's endectocide marketing. "Continuous updates to the Best In Class Dairies website allow us to provide dairy owners, managers and workers with training and business tools specifically designed to help dairies improve their bottom line. In addition, we've translated all of our materials and website content into Spanish to ensure all workers have access to the information they need to work more efficiently."

Registered dairies can earn savings on their purchase of IVOMEC® Plus (ivermectin/clorsulon), IVOMEC® (invermectin) 1% injection, IVOMEC® (ivermectin) Pour-On, IVOMEC® EPRINEX® (eprinomectin), J-VAC® or CYSTORELIN® (gonadorelin diacetate tetrahydrate) products when they use the rebate program featured on The new electronic rebate calculator determines the rebate a dairy can earn, and the option to electronically redeem rebates makes saving even easier. also features a series of audiovisual training modules, which provide dairy workers with valuable information about many of the issues that impact dairies. The newest module, "A Tale of Two Ladies," offers helpful tips and object lessons about how dairy operators can minimize the serious losses that can occur as a result of environmental mastitis by focusing on how to identify risk factors and prevent infection.

In one study, mastitis-associated economic losses ranged from $161 to $344 per lactating cow.1 Some cases of infection may even lead to permanent damage to the cow's milk-producing system or death.2 Given that the methods used to control contagious mastitis are not effective at preventing environmental mastitis, 3 dairies must take specific steps to protect their cows from this profit-robbing infection.

Each training module is followed by a quiz aimed at keeping the employee engaged and ensuring an accurate understanding of the information. The online training program also enables managers to track individual testing results, which helps them make informed decisions about training needs based on workers' performance and progress.

In addition to the many useful training tools, provides dairy operations with access to external resources, including industry news and up-to-date market information for milk, cheese and butter.

Producers can enroll in and get more information about the Best in Class Dairies program by contacting their Merial sales representative or visiting

About Best In Class Dairies Initiative
The creation of the Best in Class Dairies program by Merial stemmed from the company's commitment to the dairy industry and an identified need in the industry – a need to put information into action through a practical, user-friendly and cost-effective training program.

This program will leverage all of the research and data that exists to help dairies function more efficiently. While there are a number of sites that offer information, few provide training that can be monitored and measured and ways to integrate training with real-life implementation of strategies and protocols.

About Merial
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