Dan EllsworthANIMART, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent addition of Dan Ellsworth as President to the dairy and livestock division which provides animal health products, supplies and solutions to producers.

As President, Ellsworth's primary focus will be to lead ANIMART in their mission of becoming the preferred animal health supplier, with a focus on providing solutions for producers, a passion for innovation, and a commitment to exceed expectations through responsiveness and teamwork. In addition he will work with the ANIMART Team to continue to find ways of supporting industry initiatives and building a strong foundation for future generations.

Ellsworth brings to ANIMART over 16 years of experience in the animal health industry. Through his career he has successfully launched well-known products including; Guardain® scours vaccine, Cavalry® 9 clostridial vaccine and Pryamid ®10 respiratory and reproductive vaccine. He also led in the launching of TriMerit® Age and Source verification program and is listed as one of the inventors on that patent. In addition to these launches, he has been responsible for the continued branding of such well-known products of Ralgro®, Piliguard® Pinkeye, Triangle®, Pyramid 5 and Presponse® vaccines along with a family of insecticide products including Saber®, Boss® and Ultra Boss®.

Most recently, Ellsworth led Destron Fearing, an animal identification company as Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In that position he helped turn the organization from financial losses to a profitable position. In a short amount of time he helped stabilize and position the organization as an attractive acquisition by Allflex in the late part of 2011.

"We are excited to have Dan on board to lead us in our efforts to serve the Dairy and Livestock industries, "stated Jim Metz, owner of ANIMART and DVM. "We believe his track record of success will help us achieve our goals of a focus on providing solutions for producers, continuing to drive our passion for innovation and building on our commitment to exceed your expectations through responsiveness and teamwork."

AnimartEstablished in 1982 and headquartered in Beaver Dam, Wis., ANIMART, Inc. is a privately held provider of animal health and veterinary products for dairy and livestock producers. ANIMART is committed to offering a full line of products and solutions to help dairy and livestock businesses succeed. More information about the company and its products can be accessed at www.animart.com.

Guardian, Cavalry,Tri-Merit, Ralgro, Piligard Pinkeye, Saber, Boss & Ultra Boss are registered trademarks of Merck Animal Health. Triangle, Pyramid, Presponse are Registered Trademarks of BI Animal Health.