Zinpro Corporation announces the introduction of three products and revolutionary new product packaging now available to the global feed industry.

Zinpro logoNew Formulations that Deliver Proven, Positive Return on Investment
4-Plex® C, the highest concentrated 4-Plex® product available with a carrier, has unique, new characteristics that provide superior product handling and flow. The trace mineral product recommended for dairy, beef, equine and goats is twice as concentrated as regular 4-Plex and provides 50% more space in feed pre-mixes and micro- ingredient machines, saving customers 50% in freight costs and warehouse space.

coverbags photoAvaila®Zn 120 and ZINPRO®120 provide customers with new concentrations of Availa-Zn 100 and ZINPRO 100, respectively. Both are the highest concentrated products in their line currently available with a carrier. These two new products provide a 20% advantage in formulation space, freight costs and warehouse space

As is the case with all Zinpro products, the new formulations feature MicroTracer technology for feed tracking and accountability.

New Bags Extend Zinpro Performance Minerals® Unmatched Quality & Safety
In addition to the new formulations, Zinpro products are now being delivered in new packaging using the highest quality in polypropylene material available. The industry-first, state of the art bags feature welded, thermo-sealed top and bottom seams that provide a strong, durable construction for enhanced protection and containment of products. The new bag design provides improved production identification for quick and easy handling in the warehouse and feed mill environments.