More than sixty youth from 13 states competed and received recognition at the 2012 National Ayrshire Convention held June 27-30, 2012 in Appleton, WI. A variety of contests were conducted.

Eileen Gress of Shreve, OH, was crowned as 2012-2013 National Ayrshire Queen. Gress is involved with her family's Spring-Run Farm and is the 19-year-old daughter of Joe and Lisa Gress. A sophomore at the Ohio State University, Eileen is majoring in Agriculture Communications. She has been involved with showing Ayrshires, dairy cattle judging, quiz bowl and dairy jeopardy contests. She was selected as the 2011 National Ayrshire Distinguished Youth.

The new National Ayrshire Princess is Ashlie Hardy of Farmington, ME. She is the 18-year-old daughter of Henry and Teresa Hardy.

Hardy was also presented with the Distinguished Junior Member Award, as well as the National Ayrshire Youth Scholarship. She has participated in national Ayrshire youth contests for photography and record books. She has shown her Ayrshires at local fairs and the Eastern States National Show. A recent graduate of Mt. Blue High School, she plans to attend MacDonald College in Quebec in the Farm Management and Technology program with a focus on dairy.

Kristin Allen, Cecil, WI, and Xavier Almeter, Arcade, NY, were recognized as National Outstanding Ayrshire Youth.

From left: National Ayrshire Youth Scholarship Winner
Ashlie Hardy and 2011 National Ayrshire Queen Taylor Jodrey

From left: From left: 2011 National Ayrshire Queen Taylor Jodrey, Contestant Carol Baumann,
2012 National Ayrshire Princess Ashlie Hardy, and 2012 National Ayrshire Queen Eileen Gress

Ayrshire Outstanding youth winners 2012
From left: Outstanding Youth Kristin Allen,
2011 National Ayrshire Queen Taylor Jodrey, Distinguished Youth Winner Ashlie Hardy
and Outstanding Youth Xavier Almeter

Quiz Bowl Contest
Ten teams competed in the Quiz Bowl competition. The team from Ohio comprised of Eileen Gress, Shreve, OH; Julie Gress, Shreve, OH; and Tessa Topp, Wooster, OH won the senior competition. Placing second was the Iowa team consisting of Jodi Wulfekuhle, Dyersville, IA; Niclole Engleken, Earlville, IA; Jill Wolf, Epworth, IA; and Kelli Steinlage, West Union, IA.

In the junior team competition between six teams, Ohio Team 1 was the winner. Members of the team included Sara Wolf, Shreve, OH; Todd Gordon, Shreve, OH; Brennan Topp, Wooster, OH; and Julie Gress, Shreve, OH. The team from Florida comprised of Payton Devine, Live Oak, FL; Christian Rodriguez, Live Oak, FL; Garrett Greaves, McAlpin, FL; and Garrett Greaves, McAlpin, FL placed second.

Dairy Jeopardy Contest
In the competitive Dairy Jeopardy contests, the winners were as follows:

Junior Contest
1. Christopher Sweeney, Appleton, NY
2. Cole Kruse, Dyersville, IA
3. Julie Gress, Shreve, OH

Senior Contest
1. Eileen Gress, Shreve, OH
2. Nicole Engelkens, Earlville, IA
3. Tessa Topp, Wooster, OH

Photo Contest
Cute Calf – Adam Wolf, Shreve, OH
People & Cows – Kelly Hawvermale, Wooster, OH
Pasture Scene – Adam Wolf, Shreve, OH
Other – Brooklyn Schwoerer, Edgar, WI
Best Overall Beginner Photo - Adam Wolf, Shreve, OH – Pasture Scene

Cute Calf – Denice Wolf, Shreve, OH
People & Cows – Erin Curtis Szalach, Cazenovia, NY
Pasture Scene - Denice Wolf, Shreve, OH
Other - Erin Curtis Szalach, Cazenovia, NY
Best Overall Junior Photo - Erin Curtis Szalach, Cazenovia, NY – People & Cows

Cute Calf – Tylor McCaulley, Cazenovia, NY
People & Cows – Zachery Almeter, Arcade, NY
Pasture Scene - Zachery Almeter, Arcade, NY
Other – Tylor McCaulley, Cazenovia, NY
Best Overall Intermediate Photo – Tylor McCaulley, Cazenovia, NY - Other

Cute Calf – Leah Caverly, Clinton, ME
People & Cows – Kristen Allen, Cecil, WI
Pasture Scene – Leah Caverly, Clinton, ME
Other – Leah Caverly, Clinton, ME
Best Overall Senior Photo – Leah Caverly, Clinton, ME - Cute Calf

Supreme Photo – Tylor McCaulley, Cazenovia, NY - Cute Calf

Display Contest

Beginner – Adam Wolf, Shreve, OH
Junior – Joseph Real, Milton, VT
Intermediate – Garrett Greaves, McAlpin, FL
Senior – Eileen Gress, Shreve, OH

Junior Production Awards

Production awards were presented to the following youth for the outstanding production of their animals.

Quentein Scott, Little Falls, MN
5 to 10-Year-Old Division: Right Angle T Nancy
6-09 305D 20,830M 4.2% 872F 3.0% 627P – 22,618ECM

Brooklyn Schwoerer, Edgar, WI
Sr. 4-Year-Old Division: Red-Rock Harmony Damita
4-09 305D 19,500M 3.8% 750F3.0% 591P – 20,344ECM

Chase Eller, Roaring Springs, PA
Jr. 4-Year-Old Division: Mowry's Paragon Goofy
4-01 305D 19,660M 3.1% 618F 3.0% 596P – 18,723ECM

Ryan Stewart, Tony, WI
Sr. 3-Year-Old Division: N-Ayr Lady's Lindee
3-09 305D 21,730M 4.2% 907F 3.1% 675P – 23,711ECM

Tanner Topp, Wooster, OH
Jr. 3-Year-Old Division: Conebella Sarge's Wendy
3-02 305D 23,290M 3.8% 896F 3.1% 713P – 24,353ECM

Jordan Oellerich, Lena, IL
Sr. 2-Year-Old Division: Hi-Ayr-View Granite Angel
2-10 305D 21,450M3.9% 845F 3.2% 696P – 22,968ECM

Tanner Topp, Wooster, OH
Jr. 2-Year-Old Division: Toppglen Trident Nanna
2-03 305D 18,830M 4.0% 755F 3.1% 583P – 20,132ECM

Chase Eller, Roaring Springs, PA
Milking Yearling Division: Mowry's Reno Glitter
1-11 305D 21,260M 3.1% 669F 2.9% 608P -19,993ECM