The Vermont-Based Micro Dairy Experts Offer New England Dairy Farmers a Wide Range of Sanitizers, Cleansers and Herd Health Solutions.

Bob-White Systems – the Micro Dairy industry leader – is excited to announce they are now the official New England representative for the A&L Laboratories family of products for dairy equipment cleaning and animal health. The company, headquartered in South Royalton, Vermont, is positioned to meet the needs of dairy farms of all sizes throughout the region.

A Commitment to Higher Quality Milk & Dairy Products
"A&L Labs shares our ultimate goal of enabling dairy farmers in New England to produce higher-quality milk", says Bob-White Systems President Steve Judge. "Their range of products, from acids and sanitizers to teat dip are what we use ourselves in our Micro Dairy research barn, and there's no better selection available."

A&L Laboratories is the most trusted name in high-quality, effective and environmentally-friendly dairy farm hygiene solutions, with over 60 years of experience in product development and improvement. The A&L Labs products that Bob-White are safe to use on organic dairies, and customers in New York and New England will have access to product experts who can perform on-farm analyses and troubleshoot any issues.

From their store in South Royalton and online at for select products, Bob-White Systems will be offering the following products in 2.5 gallon sizes:

Animal Care
• IODIP 10™
• IODIP 5™

Equipment Hygiene
• KLEEN–100™
• AL CLOR 10™

"As the certified representative for A&L Laboratories in New England, we're closer than ever to becoming the complete Micro Dairy source for farms of all types," Adds Mr. Judge.

Interested customers can call Bob-White Systems at 802-763-2777 or visit and