Each year cattle exhibitors take the challenge to select their respected peers to serve as official judges in the most important dairy cattle show in the business…World Dairy Expo. Serving as an official or associate breed judge at this big show is considered one of the pinnacles of a judging career. Sixteen esteemed individuals will travel to Madison, Wisconsin the week of October 2-6 to evaluate the most elite cows in North America. As thousands of cattle parade across the colored shavings, these judges preside over the crowning of the champions of each of the seven breeds on display during the five day event.

WDE cow logo 2012
International Junior Holstein Show: Chris Lahmers, Marysville, Ohio
Junior Holstein Associate: Pat Conroy, Angola, Ind.

International Ayrshire Show: Lynn Harbaugh, Marion, Wis.
Ayrshire Associate: Chad Ryan, Fond du Lac, Wis.

International Brown Swiss Show: Curtis Day, Burnsville, Minn.
Brown Swiss Associate: Brian Schnebly, Hagerstown, Md.

International Guernsey Show: Adam Liddle, Argyle, N.Y.
Guernsey Associate: William Peck, Schuylerville, N.Y.

International Holstein Show: Michael Heath, Westminster, Md.
Holstein Associate: Dave Dyment, Dundas, Ont.

International Jersey Show: Mark Rueth, Oxford, Wis.
Jersey Associate: Cathy Yeoman, Dover, Okla.

International Milking Shorthorn Show: Steve White, New Castle, Ind.
Milking Shorthorn Associate: Ken Empey, Dorchester, Ont.

International Red & White Show: Justin Burdette, Mercersburg, Pa.
Red & White Associate: Steve Shaw, Williamsburg, Pa.

International Junior Holstein Show: Chris Lahmers
Chris Lahmers, his wife Elizabeth, and children Elaina, Ava and Audrey live in Marysville, Ohio. He grew up on a registered Holstein and Brown Swiss Farm in northeast Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University, where he was a member of the dairy judging team. Chris has been the Dairy Programs Specialist for COBA-Select Sires for thirteen years. He and his family own Brown Velvet Brown Swiss and Lah-Dale Holsteins show herds. They have bred five All-American Brown Swiss. In 2005, Chris's family owned the Brown Swiss Intermediate Champion at World Dairy Expo. Chris has judged numerous dairy cattle shows, including the 2012 Midwest Spring Red & White Show, 2011 International Brown Swiss Show, 2011 National Jersey Jug Futurity, 2011 New York Spring Red & White Show, 2011 Pennsylvania Holstein Spring Show, 2010 Southern National Guernsey Show, 2009 Mid-East Fall National Holstein Show and 2008 Eastern National Brown Swiss Show.

International Junior Holstein Show: Associate: Pat Conroy
Pat Conroy and his wife, Jeannie, reside in Angola, Indiana with their children, Kaiden and Zailey. Pat is a full-time dairy cattle fitter who also markets purebred dairy cattle. Having grown up on a Minnesota dairy farm, he began learning early about the Showring while working at Elginvue Farms. His fitting career has also given him the opportunity to travel, from coast to coast in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Australia, France, Germany and Switzerland. Pat owns 40 head of dairy cattle that are housed at dairies across the United States, Canada and Europe, including numerous All-American and All-Canadian nominations. Pat's previous judging experiences includes the Kentucky State Holstein Show, California State Fair Holstein and Jersey Shows and county shows in Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

International Ayrshire Show: Lynn Harbaugh
Lynn Harbaugh hails from Marion, Wisconsin. He and his wife, Sara have three children; Jacob, Logan and Madison. Together they own Bella-View Holsteins, a small elite herd of registered animals. Currently, Lynn serves as Area Sales Manager for NorthStar Select Sires. Previously, he was co-owner of a farm partnership that had a very successful complete dispersal in May of 2009. He co-bred and developed All-American nominees in both Red & White and Holstein breeds, most notably the 2011 Reserve Grand Champion of the International Red & White Show, Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited-RED. He also co-owned the 2000 Champion of the Grand International Red & White Show, RRK Red Marker Rizz-Red. Lynn has officiated many shows including the Grand International Red & White Show, the International Guernsey Show, the National Holstein Show in Mexico, the 4-H Classic at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the Grand National Junior Holstein Show, the New York Spring Red & White Show, the Wisconsin State Fair Junior Shows and many regional and national Holstein shows.

International Ayrshire Associate: Chad Ryan
Chad Ryan and his wife, Amy, and two sons, Dylan and Cameron, live in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Chad assists with the day-to-day operation of their family farm, Ryan-Vu Holsteins, which includes an 80-cow herd of registered Holsteins. The herd's current BAA is 112% which ranked second in the nation last year among that herd size. The family has bred or developed six All-American nominated and ten Junior All-American nominated animals, including the 2009 Reserve All-American Winter Calf. Chad also serves as a director on the Wisconsin Holstein Board and on the UW-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course Board. He has coached the Fond du Lac County 4-H Dairy Judging Team for the last ten years, including last year's team which earned the opportunity to compete at the International Dairy Judging Contest at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2012, Chad has judged the Southern National Junior Holstein Show and the Aguascalientes Spring Show in Mexico. Chad has judged numerous other shows including the 2011 Wisconsin State Fair Junior Jersey Show, 2010 Wisconsin State Jersey Show, 2010 Wisconsin State Ayrshire and Guernsey Show, 2010 Midwest National Spring Red & White Show, 2009 Illinois Junior State Fair Holstein Show and 2009 Iowa State Holstein Show.

International Brown Swiss Show: Curtis Day
Curtis Day is co-founder of Tri-Day Holsteins with his parents Roger and Lucille Day, originally located in Maryland, he later relocated the operation to Pennsylvania with his wife and family where they bred numerous All-American and Junior All-American nominated animals. Notable cows on that list include Tri-Day Adeen, named All-American four times in four years and Tri-Day Ashlyn, the All-American 4-Year Old that was crowned 2001 Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo. Since dispersing the Tri-Day herd, Curtis has worked as a herd consultant and as a classifier for Brown Swiss, Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn. He currently lives in Burnsville, Minnesota with his wife, Ann. They have three grown children. Curtis started his judging career at 15, winning the National 4-H Judging Contest and repeating at the International Contest in England. He has served as official at all of the breed and junior shows at the All-American Dairy Show, the Grand National Junior Holstein Show and the Southwest National Brown Swiss Show.

International Brown Swiss Associate: Brian Schnebly
Brian Schnebly and his wife, Heidi, reside in Hagerstown, Maryland. He is Program Coordinator for the American Guernsey Association and is responsible for appraisal, young sire and youth coordination. He was a past classifier for the joint Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn, Red & White and Guernsey program. Brian was raised at Crown Stone Guernsey Farm in Clear Spring, Maryland where the herd also included Holsteins. He exhibited the Grand Champion of the All-American National Junior Guernsey Show in 1987, 1988, and 1989 and was also a member of the 1993 Maryland 4-H Judging Team. While attending the University of Maryland, Brian was a member of the 1998 Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Team that placed first at the North American International Livestock Exposition. He has officiated at the 2010 Canadian National Guernsey Show, the Royal Brisbane and Royal Adelaide Guernsey Shows in Australia as well as several local and state shows in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Maryland.

International Guernsey Show: Adam Liddle
Adam Liddle owns Liddleholme Farm in Argyle, New York, with wife Nicole and children Anthony, Brock and Hailee. Prior to purchasing his current farm in 2002, Adam spent many years working for other dairies, including the world-renowned herds of PamTom and Ridgedale. Their 65-cow registered Holstein herd has a current BAA of 112.5%. Adam's interest in breeding and developing high-quality, registered cattle has resulted in numerous All-American and Junior All-American winners, as well as, All-New York and Junior All-New York awards. Adam's judging experience includes serving on the All-American judging panels in 2009 and 2010. He has served as official at the 2011 Grand International Red & White Show, Eastern Fall National, 2009 Premier National Holstein Junior Show, 2010 Western Spring National, 2010 Eastern Fall National, 2010 New York Spring Holstein Show, 2010 New York State Fair Guernsey Show, 2011 Wisconsin Championship Show, 2010 Wisconsin State Fair Holstein Junior Show and as associate judge at the 2008 International Holstein Show. He is currently a member of the World Dairy Expo Dairy Cattle Exhibitor Committee.

International Guernsey Associate: William Peck
William Peck and his family operate Welcome Stock Farm in Schuylerville, New York, a herd of 600 registered Holsteins. Bill's two sons are partners in the operation. This herd has developed numerous top sires and breed-leading cow families using the "Welcome" prefix. He is one of the few breeders that have bred the top TPI/PTI ranking sire in two different breeds; Guernsey sire, Welcome Choice Admiral and Holstein sire, Welcome Garter. Bill was an early adopter of new genetic tools and a collaborator in the development of new genetic research. He has served in many leadership roles in the dairy industry including as director on Holstein USA Association's board where he led as Chairman of the Genetic Advancement Committee. Bill has judged various state and national Guernsey and Holstein shows.

International Holstein Show: Michael Heath
Michael Heath grew up on Spring Valley Jersey Farm in Maryland, which was owned by his parents, Billy and Betty Heath. Heavily influenced by his parents, grandfather and uncles, Michael had a passion for exceptional dairy cattle at an early age. After college, he became a professional fitter for fourteen years. Currently, Heath is a dairy cattle marketer. He has owned cattle from some of the top families in the breed, most notably co-owning the Atlee family. Michael has judged extensively for about 24 years, having judged 14 state fairs, ten state shows, nine spring shows, three fall shows, two shows in Mexico and one in Ireland. The Central National Jersey Show at World Dairy Expo, International Junior Holstein Show, Canadian National Jersey Show, Royal Ulster Show in Ireland, Mexican National Holstein Show, Quebec International Fall Holstein Show, Western Spring National Holstein Show and Western Fall National Holstein Show are among the most recent competitions he has officiated.

International Holstein Associate: Dave Dyment
Dave Dyment was quite actively involved in the registered Holstein business as a young age, having grown up with the Glen Drummond herd in Ontario, Canada. As a keen 4-H showman, he won the Lawara Trophy at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair at age seventeen. Dave began marketing cattle at a young age and traveled to South America, England and Italy making international contacts while he prepared and showed cattle. Starting his own milking operation in 1990, Dave, his wife, Joanne, and two daughters own Dymentholm Holsteins and export commercial cattle as well. Currently they are partners in Genetic Futures, a Trans Ova satellite lab, where they produce 50 to 100 elite genetic calves each month. Dave has judged shows in Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Spain, England, The Isle of Man and the Azores. He was the official judge for the Red & White Show at World Dairy Expo. No stranger to leading top show cattle, Dave has had the pleasure of showing World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion four times with three different cows.

International Jersey Show: Mark Rueth
Mark Rueth is recognized as having bred and developed many show-winning Holsteins. Growing up on a 35-cow grade dairy in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, his passion for showing began at the local county fair. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Mark worked for prominent dairy herds in Wisconsin and the Pacific Northwest, gaining cow knowledge. His first notable cow purchase was Westlynn Tom Dee with a group of partners. That cow went on to become a four-time World Dairy Expo Grand Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion. One of the next cows that Mark invested was Stookey-Elm Park Blackrose, a two-time All-American cow that is the nucleus of over 50 percent of the present milking herd. Rueth has had four cows win Supreme or Reserve Supreme Champion honors at World Dairy Expo. Mark and wife, Nicky, currently own and operate Rosedale Genetics, Ltd. an elite breeding and marketing herd near Oxford, Wisconsin. Mark has judged numerous shows across the U.S. and Canada. He has officiated at the International Dairy Week in Australia, the Brazil National Show, the Eastern France Spring Show, the Swiss Junior Bulle Winter Show and the Leon Mexico Spring Show. He was the official judge of the 2009 World Dairy Expo International Holstein Show. Mark currently serves on World Dairy Expo's Dairy Cattle Exhibitor Committee.

International Jersey Associate: Cathy Yeoman
Cathy Yeoman works with her husband, Robert, on Sandy Dale Farms in Dover, Oklahoma. Cathy assists with their dairy cattle marketing business. Cathy and Robert have four adult children and now enjoy time with their grandchildren. They have bred and exhibited class winners in six of the breed shows at World Dairy Expo, highlighted by the Reserve Supreme and Grand Champion Jersey, in 1999, PH Jewel. They have also bred numerous All-American and All-Canadian animals in various breeds. Cathy has extensive judging experience having evaluated many state shows and fairs across the United States. She has officiated in Switzerland, Australia, Canada and Japan. Cathy has evaluated the Junior Showmanship contest at World Dairy Expo and has served on the All-American and All-Canadian judging panels.

International Milking Shorthorn Show: Steve White
Steve White hails from White Jersey Farms of New Castle, Indiana. Steve's wife, Sharon, and two sons, Brad and John, manage 517 acres and a herd of 55 registered Jerseys. Steve and his wife have seven grandchildren. They breed for quality and feed for production. The herd currently boasts a rolling herd average of 17,752 pounds of milk, 736 pounds of fat and 608 pounds of protein. Steve is a former Klussendorf Award winner, having bred and owned one All-American Jersey Grand Champion, one All-American Jersey Reserve Grand Champion, one National Jersey Jug Futurity winner and numerous Indiana State fair and local champions. Steve White is no stranger to the center of the ring, having judged in 40 states and serving as the official judge for the Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Jersey and Milking Shorthorn Shows at World Dairy Expo. He has also judged in Australia and Columbia and all five breed shows at the North American International Livestock Exposition. Most recently, Steve has also served as the official Jersey judge of the 2011 Hoard's Dairyman Judging Contest.

International Milking Shorthorn Associate: Ken Empey
Ken Empey, his wife, Eva, and three daughters, Shasta, Ayla and Sierra hail from Dorchester, Ontario. Ken is owner and president of KMP Global Sales and Marketing which specializes in the marketing of live dairy cattle and embryos, a compost business and Eby Trailer sales. In addition, Ken works at high profile dairy cattle auctions. He has owned nine and co-owned many All-American and All-Canadian Holsteins and Jerseys. Ken has an extensive judging career having judged in 20 countries including five times in Japan and three times in Australia. He has served as official for the Holstein, Brown Swiss, Guernsey and Junior Holstein Shows at World Dairy Expo and associate for the Jersey and Red & White Shows. He has judged the Holstein, Brown Swiss and 4-H Classic at the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair. Ken co-owned the Grand Champion Holstein at World Dairy Expo in 1988, Cathland Lilac. He won the Klussendorf award in 1988 and is currently the President of the Klussendorf Association for the second time. Ken also serves on the World Dairy Expo board of directors and Dairy Cattle Exhibitor Committee.

International Red & White Show: Justin Burdette
Justin Burdette and his wife, Claire, are partners with his parents, James and Nina Burdette of Windy Knoll View Farm in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. Justin and Claire have two daughters, Reese and Brinkley. They milk 125 cows with a 25,000-pound herd average, raise 150 head of young stock and farm nearly 500 acres of land. Known for their outstanding breeding program, more than 150 Excellent Holsteins carry the Windy Knoll View prefix, including two 96-point, four 95-point and twelve 94-point animals. More than 70 All-American or Junior All-American awards or nominations have come from the farm, with 62 of those tracing back to Windy Knoll View Ultimate Pala 3E-EX94-DOM. Three ten generation Excellent cows also trace back to the first home-bred animal, Windy Knoll View Cindy-OC EX90. Their farm has won numerous Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor awards, including the 2006 World Dairy Expo Premier Breeder Award. Justin spent 10 years traveling as a cattle fitter prior to returning to the home farm. He has judged many local, state, regional and national shows. He served as official judge for the 2011 International Ayrshire Show and associate judge for the 2009 Grand International Red & White Show. He also officiated at the 2012 European National Holstein Show in Italy.

International Red & White Associate: Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw has a wealth of dairy cattle judging experience, having served as an official for over 30 years. He has evaluated cattle at numerous local, regional and state shows across five different states including the Pennsylvania State Holstein Show, Maryland State Holstein Show, New Jersey State Holstein Show, Delaware State Holstein Show, Delaware State Red & White Show, Delaware State Colored Breed Show, Maryland State Fair Red & White Show and West Virginia State Holstein Show. Steve is currently regional sales leader and nutritionist for Cargill Animal Nutrition. He and his family own Linden-Loch Holsteins, a small herd in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania. His family's herd has bred or owned three All-American and nine Junior All-American nominated Holsteins and Red & Whites. Steve's children are Erin, Rebecca, Emily and Tyler.

Dairy cattle show enthusiasts will want to be sure and attend the Parade of Champions where the 2012 Supreme Champion will be selected from the pool of breed grand champions named throughout the week. This prestigious award will culminate in a grand pageant celebrating the beauty of over 2,500 head of elite dairy show cattle and will be held on Saturday, October 6 beginning at 5:00 p.m. in the Coliseum.

World Dairy Expo is recognized as the largest dairy-focused event in the world. Dairy Producers from across the globe are invited to attend the event which includes eight dairy cattle shows, Expo Seminars, Virtual Farm Tours, youth competition and over 850 exhibiting trade show companies featuring innovative products and services. The 2012 World Dairy Expo theme will be "Market Fresh" and the event will be held October 2 through October 6 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit www.worlddairyexpo.com or call 608/224-6455 for further details.