Unlike traditional dairy judging contests, this contest teaches participants to efficiently work
as a team to analyze and interpret data to solve a problem. This contest will incorporate all facets of a working dairy business in a forum that's interactive, educational and fun.

On behalf of the Cream of the Crop 4-H Club it is our pleasure to invite your 4-H, FFA, Jr. Breed or other youth organization to participate in the second annual Cream of the Crop Dairy Challenge. This event will be hosted by the Cream of the Crop 4-H Club in Jefferson, Wisconsin on Saturday, October 20, 2012. The event location is about 40 minutes east of Madison. For those who wish to mapquest the location the address is 925 Lexington Blvd. Fort Atkinson, WI 53538. Registration will begin at the Fort Atkinson High School at 9:30 am and the contest will begin at 10:00 am.

This is sure to be a unique contest that will not only test your dairy judging skills, but will require you to answer questions regarding a scenario of commercial heifers, registered heifers, evaluate DHIA herd reports, evaluate a cow's conformation, production and pedigree and then rank four sires based on their pedigree, and type and production information that will best complement the cow, and be able to identify 25 common dairy cattle diseases based on symptoms. You will also be given a 25 question multiple choice exam that will cover milk quality, reproduction, and general dairy industry information.

There will be six stations for the teams to rotate through. The DHIA summary comparison, disease identification, and 25 question multiple choice exam will be completed at the Fort Atkinson high school by half of the teams while the other half of the teams are bused to the Lundy Farm to start with the commercial and registered heifers and the sire selection portion. Half way through the contest the teams will be switched giving each team 20 minutes at each station.

This may sound somewhat daunting, but you will have the opportunity to discuss and work with your three teammates throughout the contest. Each team will be given a packet to put their team answers in. There will be no individual scores. Nor will there be an oral reasons portion to this contest. To be eligible for the contest participates must be between the ages of 9-18. You must not have completed high school before competing in this contest. Teams can be made up of any combination of four youth. All teams will be judged the same… no senior or junior divisions. The top ten teams will be awarded at the completion of the contest. The contest, lunch and awards should be completed by 2pm. Get your family, 4-H, FFA, Junior Breed friends or other acquaintances together to participate in this fun and educational contest. Lunch will be provided at no additional charge after the contest is completed as scores are being tabulated. There is a $20 team entry fee. Checks can be made payable to Cream of the Crop 4-H Club. The contest will be limited to the first 30 teams that submit their entries. So, get your teams together early to participate in this one of a kind contest.

It is our hope that youth come away from this contest with a better understanding of cattle selection, breeding, and herd health issues.

Entry form

For questions, contact:
Mark Lundy, Cream of the Crop Dairy Leader
(920) 563-6137 markslundy@hotmail.com