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Diamond V hosted a delegation of 19 individuals from top dairy and swine operations in China, the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, and the president, CEO and corporate treasurer of the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) Joel Neuman during the dedication of the new Diamond V high-tech global headquarters at 2525 60th Avenue SW in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Diamond V is the industry leader worldwide in microbial-based fermentation research and technology innovation.

Prominent members of the Chinese dairy and swine industries met Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Iowa Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds during the dedication of the new Diamond V global headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.

China, Iowa and Diamond V continue to develop strong working relationships based on their shared agricultural interests, noted several Diamond V executives. To help meet their country's growing demand for animal protein, the Chinese delegation recognizes that they will need to focus on efficiency and production improvements, not just increased animal numbers. Chinese producers now collaborate with US experts, such as Diamond V, to improve facility designs, animal husbandry techniques, and the nutrition and health of their animals.

Both groups visit pace-setting companies, organizations, and operations. Wu Den-yih, the vice president of the Republic of China, most recently visited Muscatine and Des Moines, Iowa, in February. Bill Northey, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, traveled to Shanghai, China, in March and says the future looks bright for trade relations with China.

Northey noted that Iowa could remain the number one U.S. state in corn and soybean production during the 2012 drought. Corn yields, expected to be approximately two-thirds to three-fourths of normal, are as good as they are due to today's advanced seed genetics and farming techniques. With the reduced yields, livestock producers will want to stretch the nutritional value of every kernel of corn with select feed additives.

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Diamond V, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, is the world's leading supplier of nutritional fermentation products used to optimize digestive function and nutrition key to animal and aqua health, productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our commitment to innovation, technology and quality has earned Diamond V a global reputation of trust and reliability within the animal feed industry. For more information contact Diamond V at 800-373-7234 or on the Web at www.diamondv.com.