Sept. 24 2012 02:10 PM

When butterfat levels are depressed there is no time to waste in finding the cause. To be successful at resolving the problem, it's important to understand that milk fat depression is a multifactorial problem with many moving parts.

First, look at management factors that could be playing a role. These include feed delivery times – day and night, feed refusals, availability of bunk space and overcrowding. Slug feeding also should be avoided.

Concurrently, while you are taking a closer look at possible management factors, explore these five other areas: forages and fiber in the diet, starch content of the ration, fats, yeasts and molds, and feed additives.

Because many pieces make up the milk fat depression puzzle it is important to be aware of all the components. Awareness of all these parts and addressing them to some degree simultaneously will allow you to rapidly fix the problem. Addressing one issue at a time may take too long to find the cause, and as a result money could be lost.

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