Hampel Animal Care introduces the Calf-Tel ECO hutch

Calf-Tel logoCalf-Tel's new ECO hutch provides an economic, space saving option for dairy and calf raising facilities. The ECO hutch requires about 23 square feet of space. This reduced footprint allows dairymen to take advantage of economies of scale. Other benefits include the one-of-a-kind rear bedding and ventilation door. The rear bedding door allows for maximum labor efficiency and superior ventilation for calves.

"Calf-Tel's ECO hutch provides a smaller, more economical hutch choice, while also providing an unparalleled bio-security friendly and durable calf housing option," says Joe Weber, marketing manager, Hampel Corporation. "The ECO hutch is another industry first by Calf-Tel designed to meet the needs of the largest dairies and calf raisers, while also providing a highly engineered cost effective option." Calf-Tel photo

The ECO hutch is the only thermoformed, completely opaque hutch designed to meet all of the fundamental calf raising requirements, while providing an economic, space saving option for dairy and calf raising facilities.

Hampel Animal Care, a division of Hampel Corporation, began serving the agriculture industry in 1981 with the introduction of Calf-Tel housing systems. Today it is the number one choice for calf housing, worldwide. For more information, visit www.Calf-Tel.com or learn more at www.facebook.com/calftel and www.youtube.com/calftel.