Leading Food Safety Experts Gather March 13-15

Every year since 2003, U.S. food safety experts have gathered to discuss new research, technologies and best practices regarding beef safety efforts throughout the production chain. This year, the 11th annual Beef Industry Safety Summit is convening in Dallas, March 13-15, and is again offering a wide-ranging agenda that will challenge participants to continue their long-standing efforts to raise the bar on beef safety. Funded in part by the beef checkoff, this event offers an open forum for updates on safety research and recent innovations for enhancing safety systems. Participants share their own ideas for how best to enhance safety procedures and maximize opportunities for ensuring safe food.
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The annual Summit is the U.S. cattle industry's premier event to underscore its ongoing scientific and technological commitment to provide consumers with the safest beef in the world. "We're looking forward to adding to the knowledge base we've built over the past 10 years," says J.O. "Bo" Reagan, senior vice president of Research, Education and Innovation at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), a contractor to the beef checkoff.

"The topics we address are always ahead of the curve and give attendees a chance to gain awareness and a better understanding of emerging safety issues." "An experienced and diverse team of beef safety experts works for several months to ensure timely and thought-provoking topics," says Reagan, who also serves as chair of the Beef Industry Food Safety Council (BIFSCo), which coordinates the Summit. "Those in the industry need to be on top of potential issues before they become problems, and be able to make the right moves to keep in front of them.

This event is also a great opportunity to share information on some non-safety-related issues currently facing the industry." For example, the 2013 Summit is offering an in-depth look at food waste and food rescue, an issue of increasing concern given the expanding global population. Other sessions include panels of experts in specific industry segments; food safety presentations from leading researchers; comments from government regulators on the attention given to various safety issues; and opportunities for attendees to share experiences and ideas on a variety of production, manufacturing and distribution safety systems. For more information on the Summit, visit www.bifsco.org. For more information about your beef checkoff, visit www.MyBeefCheckoff.com.