All West Select Sires All West Select Sires is pleased to announce that Dennis Reimer of Coaldale, Alberta, has joined the sales team. Dennis, former owner & operator of Reimer Holsteins, has also worked as a herdsman for Marylander Holsteins and Shelaurvon Holsteins, both in Alberta. He has bred 46 VG and 5 EX cows in his career, as well as breeding the high selling individual of the 2011 Westerner Sale. His extensive hands-on work, combined with sales experience for another A.I. company, give him an upper hand in personal knowledge and training in the dairy industry.

"Growing up, I always had a tremendous amount of respect for Select Sires, not only because of the high number of successful, influential bulls they developed, but also for the long-standing careers and passion of their employees. It's been a progressive and high impact company since I was a kid, so there was no question I wanted to be part of this success. The other exciting part of my new job is that in addition to working with sire analysts to get their impressions of bulls and daughters, I will also have the ability to see daughters myself and pass along that knowledge to my customers."

Dennis will be responsible for direct sales in Alberta (south of Calgary), and will also be an official evaluator with the SMS program in Alberta and British Columbia.

To reach Dennis, please call 403.308.6764 or email him at

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