Entry Information Now Available Online & By Mail

NAILEThe 40th annual North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) is scheduled for Nov. 9-22 at the Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC). The premium and information catalog as well as entry forms are now available for download on the Expo's website at www.livestockexpo.org.

Printed catalog and entry forms will be mailed to those who have entered livestock at the NAILE in the last two years. Catalogs are free, and anyone wishing to receive one should contact the NAILE offices at P.O. Box 36367, Louisville, KY 40233-6367, by fax at 502-367-5299, or by e-mail at KFECNAILE@ksfb.ky.gov.

Purebred livestock from across the United States compete at the NAILE for top breed association honors and national recognition. Last year a new entry record was set when more than 26,000 entries were received. In 2013, contestants will compete for nearly $750,000 in premiums and awards. Show dates and fees are as follows:

Quarter Horse Show – November 5-13
Entry Deadline – October 21
Entry Fees: By Class - See Premium List
Post Entries - $25 late charge per horse plus entry fee

Dairy Cattle Show - November 8-12
Entry Deadline - September 20; Late Entry – October 10; Extra Late Entry – In NAILE office by October 25
Entry Fees: Open - $25, Junior - $20; Late Fees for Open and Junior – Double; Extra Late Fees for Open and Junior- $100

Dairy Goat Show - November 8-10
Entry Deadline - September 20
Entry Fees: Open - $15

Llama/Alpaca Show - November 8-10
Contact for Ky. Llama & Alpaca Association: Mary Jo Miller, 502-350-4525 or
brookscreekllamas@hughes.net. See www.northamericanllama-alpacashow.com or www.kentucky-llama-alpaca.org

Junior Swine Show - November 9-11
Entry Deadline - October 1
Entry Fees: Junior - $25

Draft Horse Show - November 15-16
Entry Deadline - October 28
Entry Fees: By Class - See Premium List

Sheep Show - November 15-22
Entry Deadline: October 1
Entry Fees: Open - $15, Junior - $15, Market Wether - $25, Wool Show per Fleece - $10, Lead Line - $25

Beef Cattle Show - November 16-22
Entry Deadline: October 1
Entry Fees: See individual breed listings in Premium Catalog
Pen of Three Feeder Cattle - $75 per pen, Feeder Steer or Heifer Single - $25, Junior Steers - $30

Junior Wether Goat Show – November 19-20
Entry Deadline: October 1
Entry Fee: $20 per

Boer Goat Show - November 21
Entry Deadline: October 1
Entry Fees: Open - $20

Secure online entry for beef cattle, Boer goat, dairy goat, dairy cattle, sheep and swine exhibitors starts September 1. Entries can also be submitted by mail or fax at any time. Receipts are mailed for all entries.

The NAILE is produced by the Commonwealth of Kentucky at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky under the direction of the Kentucky State Fair Board. During the Expo's two-week run, the facility's entire 1,200,000 square feet of climate-controlled exhibit space is used. More than 200,000 visitors and exhibitors attend the event annually.
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