ABS expands on diverse offering with new grads and proven brothers

ABSABS Global graduates 12 sires, including 10 Holsteins and two Jerseys following the August Sire Summary run.

29HO14615 CANCUN is no stranger to the industry. He was a popular ABS Primetime sire due to his elite genomic values. With daughters now calving, he is surpassing all expectations. CANCUN is the product of outstanding transmitting ability and genetics of Larcrest Cosmopolitan; one of the most influential cow families in the industry.
 Sco-Lo Cancun Cheers

Daughter of 29HO14615 CANCUN: Sco-Lo Cancun Cheers, Sco Lo Holsteins, West Union, IA

Big time milk bulls are a great way to describe brothers 29HO14564 GAYLIN and 29HO14563 GWEEDO. These sires offer daughters with exceptional traits in all udder qualities, being especially high and wide in rear udders. GAYLIN and GWEEDO come from the notable De-Su prefix that dominates many of the female and male genomic lists, plus the top TPI List. This duo also comes from an outstanding line of ABS sires including: GILLESPY, GAVIN, GRANDMASTER, HISTORY and more.

The commercial dairyman's dream is a package trio of 29HO14544 DARE, 29HO14470 CACTUS and 29HO14511 STOWE. DARE is a JEEVES son out of an EX-90 Oman. This high fertility sire produces medium-sized cows with great calving ease at 6.9% for the cow and heifer pens. From another deep, prominent ABS bull family, CACTUS is an outcross sire that can deliver the ultimate free-stall cow. +598 Net Merit $ and +1412 Milk and outstanding udder traits provide a solid sire for producing functional daughters. STOWE is a late Oman son that transmits outstanding Milk +954 and components +642 NM$ and +114 CFP, while siring trouble-free, balanced free-stall cows.

94HO0878 MAXWELL-RED is the much anticipated grandson of Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97, two time WDE Champion and three time All-American. This Mr. Burns*RC son from Talent Mollie is an exciting bull for the red and white business with his ability to weld udders onto highly productive daughters.

A pair of Impuls sons join the ABS Jersey active lineup. These sons include: 29JE3656 BOOKER and 29JE3675 JADESTAR. This duo offers a combination of great udder components with balance and style. Their genomic evaluation and daughter performance combines for high production and component tests.

Additional graduates include: 29HO14488 CANADA, 29HO14477 DANGER and 29HO14500 DOODAD. CANADA
is backed by a family that has been globally acclaimed for several generations, starting with Miss Den-Barb Global Cora EX-90. The family made early headlines with their high production records and classification scores.

ABS strives to offer producers sire diversity. DANGER comes from a prominent cow family sired by ABS millionaire DIE-HARD from an EX Wizard, then the matriarch herself, Rudolph Missy. DANGER's grand dam, Rudolph Missy, has 8 EX and 32 VG daughters by 13 different sires. DOODAD is a sire out of the Raven cow family backed by 6 generations of EX dams. With a pedigree that spells longevity, DOODAD offers outstanding health traits with great type and improvement in udder traits.

"Now more than ever, ABS has the strength and diversity in an impressive lineup of sires that can fulfill any producer need or goal," stated Wayne DeBuhr, dairy brand manager for ABS North America. "ABS continues to offer genetics that will increase producers' bottom line no matter their breeding goal."

To implement any of these sires into your breeding program, contact your local ABS representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.

Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world-leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, technologies and uddercare products. Marketing in more than 80 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.
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