ANEVIS rumen-protected niacin is 8 times more bioavailable than raw niacin

Today niacin is used in more than 12 percent of dairy cows to enhance their performance. However, much of the raw niacin fed to dairy cows is lost due to degradation in the rumen. Enter ANEVIS™ rumen-protected niacin from QualiTech®, Inc. Using advanced rumen protection technology, ANEVIS delivers more niacin to the small intestine of the cow – nearly eight times the amount of niacin delivered to the bloodstream compared to raw niacin.

Reduced stress is the primary benefit of adding niacin to rations for high-producing dairy cows. Research shows adding supplemental niacin to rations can help stressed animals in three important ways:
· Regulate plasma nonesterified fatty acids (NEFA) release during the stress of parturition;

· Improve energy metabolism during the stress of transition;

· Help cows stay cooler under the stress of hot weather.

Most of the raw niacin fed to ruminants is broken down in the rumen, allowing very little to be absorbed in the cow's small intestine. Now, ANEVIS allows dairy nutritionists to ensure niacin is actually absorbed by the cow and not wasted in the rumen by microbial degradation.
Produced with patented technology, ANEVIS contains raw niacin mixed with a complex lipid matrix. The rumen protection technology protects the enclosed niacin from the rumen microflora while increasing the particles' specific gravity, allowing rapid transit through the rumen. The protection is eventually broken down in the small intestine where the niacin is eight times more bioavailable to the cow compared with feeding raw niacin.

"ANEVIS is an exciting step in optimizing animal performance and supporting dairy producers and nutritionists in getting the most out of their cattle," says Jack Garrett, Ph.D., director of technical service and research at QualiTech.

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