Jr Champion – Peace&Plenty Asteroid Fishy (Kingsmill Gdwyn Asteroid)
1st Fall Calf; Austin Schwartzbeck, Maryland

Reserve Jr Champion – R-E-W Happy G Lucky -ET (Braedale Goldwyn)
2nd Fall Calf; Max Wolf, Connecticut

HM Jr Champion – Brookhill Attic Devestation (Allyndlae-I Attic)
1st Spring Yrlg; Kyle Natzke, Wisconsin

The announcement of Grand Champion:

Sr & Grand Champion – Siemers Dundee Hilda 8669-ET (Regancrest Dundee)
1st 125,000 lb Cow; Jordan Siemers, Wisconsin

Res Sr & Res Grand Champion – Budjon-JK Edge of Reason-ET (Regancrest Dundee)
2nd 125,000 lb Cow; Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Wisconsin

HM Sr & HM Grand Champion – Krull Dundee Ellory-ET (Regancrest Dundee)
1st 5 Yr Old; Cassy Krull, Wisconsin (not pictured)

International Junior Holstein Show, judged by Larry Tande, Minnesota and associate was Bob Hagenow, Wisconsin. There were 131 heifers and 95 cows exhibited.