Sept. 13 2013 08:07 AM


Sioux Center, Iowa

Student Statistics:

Dairy Science major: No
Dairy Option: No
# Students intending to pursue a dairy career: 20
Percent going to vet school: 15 %
Percent in ag research: 25%
Percent of grads entering the industry: 10%

Course Work:

Internship required for graduation: No
Assistance finding jobs or agriculture internships: Yes
Opportunities to work on dairy farms while attending school: Yes
Courses: Dairy Science, Introduction to Farm Management, Feeds and Feeding, Animal Health, Forage Crop Management, Advanced Farm Management, Reproductive Physiology, Advanced Animal Nutrition

Additional Information:

We are a Christian college that approaches agriculture and dairy production from a Christian perspective. We have a diverse student population in the Agriculture program from across the United States, Canada and other countries.

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