Updated look speaks to a proven brand promise in precision equipment for feed management, livestock weighing, harvesting technology, planting solutions and nutrient management.

Digi-StarDigi-Star introduces its new brand image. Built on the tagline "Precisely," the refreshed look represents Digi-Star's continued goal of providing customers with valuable data that helps them make profitable management decisions.

"For more than three decades, we have worked to provide producers with tools that make their jobs easier and profitability more achievable. This new brand image highlights a tool that supports both of these goals; that tool is precision," says Kevin Klubertanz, general manager of Digi-Star.

Kevin KlubertanzDigi-Star has led the agriculture industry in precision technology for several years, beginning with improving the efficiency of cattle feeding with scales on TMR mixers. Since then, Digi-Star has created software solutions that provide precise data for feed, harvesting, planting and nutrient management and additional technology for livestock weighing.

To further its commitment to producers through leading edge products, Digi-Star most recently acquired RDS Technology, a United Kingdom-based company specializing in agriculture and mobile machinery. This acquisition expands the Digi-Star portfolio to include precision technology for: sprayer rate control, yield monitoring, drill control, area measurement and vehicle monitoring.

"Our goal is to bring precise, accurate and valuable insights to livestock producers and crop growers, because this precision helps them to better manage their operations," says Klubertanz. "Customers can feel confident when they purchase products with the Digi-Star logo that they are investing in products that have been built with the highest standard of quality."

The new Digi-Star logo will be unveiled Tuesday, Oct. 1 at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. World Dairy Expo attendees can stop by the Digi-Star booth in the exhibition hall located at EH 3814, 3815.

For more information on precision technology and the new Digi-Star brand image, call (920) 563-1400 or email: sales@digi-star.com.

Digi-Star LLC (http://digi-star.com/) is headquartered in Fort Atkinson, Wis., with additional facilities and businesses in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Digi-Star LLC is a global supplier of electronic sensing equipment, precision sensors, displays and software used by farmers and other equipment operators to precisely measure and analyze valuable data from critical farming processes.
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