Holstein AssociationHolstein Association USA's 2014 National and Qualified Judges Lists have been made available online at www.holsteinusa.com. The two lists are comprised of individuals from across North America with a significant amount of judging experience, who have also attended a Holstein Association USA Judges Conference in the past three years and applied to be on the list. To view the 2014 lists on the Holstein Association USA web site, select "National Shows" from the main menu, then "National Show Judges Lists."

All individuals on the lists are approved by the Holstein Association USA board of directors each fall. All National Holstein Shows are required to choose their judge from the National Judges List, and nationally-sanctioned Junior Holstein Show judges and National Holstein Show associate judges must be selected from either the National or Qualified lists. State and regional-level shows are also encouraged to utilize the National and Qualified Judges lists when selecting judges for their shows.

Anyone currently on the list, or planning to apply in the future, must have attended and received a satisfactory rating at a Holstein Association USA Judges Conference within a three-year period to be eligible. One conference will be held in 2014, in Columbus, Ohio, on March 27, in conjunction with the Mid-East Spring National Holstein Show. The conference will run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and is open to anyone 22 years of age or older. Registration is required and can be done on the Holstein Association USA web site with a credit card. Pre-registration is $50, and closes two weeks before the conference, on March 13. Late registrants and walk-ups will be accepted for a $100 registration fee. View details and register for the conferences online at www.holsteinusa.com/shows/judges_preregister.html. Tentative plans have been made for one judges conference in 2015, in Richmond, Utah.

For complete information about National Holstein Shows and Junior Holstein Shows, visit www.holsteinusa.com , and click on the National Shows button in the main menu. With questions, contact Jodi Hoynoski at 800.952.5200, ext. 4261, or jhoynoski@holstein.com.
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