University Park, Pennsylvania

Key Dairy Activities:

1. Nittany Lion Fall Classic
2. Spring Trip
3. Penn State Dairy Expo

Student Statistics:

Dairy Science major: No
Dairy Option: Yes
# Animal Science/Dairy: 75
# Students intending to pursue a dairy career: 70
Percent going to vet school: 20%
Percent in ag research: 30%
Percent of dairy grads entering the industry: Nearly 100%
Percent going back to home farm: 30%

Dairy Herd Information:

# cows: 220
Breed(s): Holstein
Student labor: Yes
Used for research: Yes

Course Work:

Internship required for graduation: No
Assistance finding jobs or agriculture internships: Yes
Opportunities to work on dairy farms while attending school: Yes
Courses: The College of Ag Sciences at PSU offers 19 majors and covers all the major areas of study in agriculture. The animal sciences major has two options; science or business/management. Students selecting science often are preparing for admission to veterinary or graduate school. Those in the business/management option would manage farms or work in support industries such as feed, animal health, reproductive services, etc. We currently offer over 50 different courses in animal science covering general physiology, growth, reproduction, nutrition, lactation, health and welfare in dairy, beef, sheep, swine, poultry, horse and companion animals.

Travel Opportunities:

Our dairy management series includes 5 courses and we offer several other courses in herd health, genetics, and nutrient management. Tours of dairy farms and analysis of management systems occur in each course. The capstone course includes a weekly trip to a dairy and prepares interested students to participate in the National Dairy Challenge. Dairy club hosts an annual spring trip that includes an international destination every two years. Recent trips have been to Washington/Oregon, California, Costa Rica and Ireland.

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