College Park, Maryland

Key Dairy Activities:

1. Dairy showmanship contest
2. Dairy cattle fitting demonstrations
3. State 4-H Dairy Bowl Contest held on campus

Student Statistics:

Dairy Science major: No
Dairy Option: Yes
# Animal Science/Dairy: 10
# Students intending to pursue a dairy career: 10
Percent going to vet school: 30%
Percent in ag research: 70%
Percent of grads entering the industry: 2%
Percent going back to home farm: 1%

Dairy Herd Information:

# cows: 65
Breed(s): Holstein
Student labor: Yes
Used for research: Yes

Course Work:

Internship required for graduation: No
Assistance finding jobs or agriculture internships: Yes
Opportunities to work on dairy farms while attending school: Yes
Courses:Dairy Cattle Management, Dairy Cattle Type Appraisal, Lactational Physiology, Reproductive Physiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Livestock Management, Farm Management, Agricultural Economics

Travel Opportunities:

Through the dairy challenge team, students have the opportunity to visit several farms to see different production methods. Students can participate in a variety of internships during the summer, and have taken part in those all over the county. Many students participate in study abroad experiences. One dairy student who participated in an internship working on a dairy farm in Tasmania for 7 months. Another student spend a year in Germany doing dairy related research and attending classes.

Additional Information:

They have five options within the ANSC major, and all of them have a strong science base. The science/professional option prepares students for graduate or professional school, as well as a variety of careers. The "traditional" animal science option is animal care and management. This option combines the science focus of the other options with hands-on opportunities designed to prepare students to go directly into an industry career. The science based curriculum produces more well-rounded students, as they understand the science behind why they are choosing certain management practices.

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