Morrisville, New York

Key Dairy Activities:

1. Morrisville Dairy Club (88 active members in 2010/11)
      a. Morrisville College Autumn Review Sale
      b. Spring Trip

2. Dairy Challenge
      a. Regional
      b. National

3. Collegiate FFA
     a. National Convention
     b. Ag Day on campus

Student Statistics:

Dairy Science major: Yes, 2 and 4 year programs
Dairy Option: Yes, in Ag Business and Ag Science
# Dairy Science Students: 63
# Animal Science/Dairy:N/A
# Students intending to pursue a dairy career: 100%
Percent going to vet school: N/A
Percent in ag research: N/A
Percent of dairy grads entering the industry: More than 90%
Percent going back to home farm: at least 50%
Average salary: N/A

Dairy Herd Information:

# cows: 250 milking and dry
Breed(s): Holstein
Student labor: Yes, both work-study and non work-study are available
Used for research: No, run as a commercial dairy

Course Work:

Internship required for graduation: No
Assistance finding jobs or agriculture internships: Yes
Opportunities to work on dairy farms while attending school: Yes
Courses: : 70 credits of dairy-specific courses including nutrition, breeding, advance genetics, artificial insemination, anatomy and physiology, judging, advanced nutrition, dairy health, management and production, SHARPS, heifer management, advanced reproduction, advanced management. Also 10 credits in Ag Business are dairy-specific including dairy marketing, farm management, farm finance, financial decision-making.
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Travel Opportunities:

Trip to dairy regions with Dairy Club, Internships across the nation (with international possible). Judging and Dairy Challenge teams travel to regional and national competitions. Dairy farm visits are integrated into almost all classes.

Additional Information:

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Morrisville State College Homepage

Video Tours of Dairy and Campus

The B. Tech. in Dairy Management is designed to prepare students to enter this very dynamic and rewarding industry. The program focuses on enhancing management and herdsmanship skills. The program focuses on three areas: interpersonal skills such as communication, animal science, and business management. The program is very practical and student-oriented, giving students many opportunities to experience working with dairy animals and managing dairy enterprises. Dairy Management is a ThinkPad University curriculum in which the use of laptop computers is integrated into courses.

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