Composite RegistriesThe Composite Dairy Cattle Registry has signed an agreement with the American Lineback Dairy Cattle Registry to process their registrations, memberships, classifications and other data.

Originating mainly from Holland, Europe in the 1700-1800's, Lineback's first appeared in America when English and Hollanders settled in the country. Lineback's were a very dual-purpose animal, into the 1900's, when farmers started to specialize in either beef or dairy production. The Lineback has over time been selected for improved dairy production due to there "high components", although it remains a very versatile breed, that was and is heavily influenced by Holstein Blood.

The "Lineback cow" has been up-bred to be a very productive dairy cow. Still occasionally influenced by Holstein blood this genetically superior breed has remained versatile enough to be prevalent in these demanding modern times. Today there are several thousand Lineback dairy cows in the United States.

The use of the word "Lineback" refers to both appearance and breed. The common factor of all the patters is the white line across the back, the dark solid color of the ears and nose, outlining of the eyes and one or more dark hooves. "Red and white" or "Black and white" are the predominant "color" patterns.

The American Lineback Dairy Cattle Registry was formed in 1985 by a handful of Lineback enthusiasts. This group had the foresight and desire to maintain and improve this beautiful breed, with or without any real recognition by farm organizations or farmers alike. Persistence prevailed and the organization has grown and developed quite nicely in the past 30 plus years. Please visit the American Lineback Dairy Cattle Registry website, for more information, joining and registering Lineback's.

As a very progressive organization, the Composite Dairy Cattle Registry is open to all dairy breeders and producers in North America (USA & Canada) and we also have International members from the United Kingdom and other European countries. Our members have seen the value in registering their animals with us where we have registered animals from crosses and cow families that been bred enough generations to achieve purebred status (87% or greater). For more information visit: or call 816-738-4179.

Composite Dairy Cattle Registry - Mission: "To provide programs and services that enhances the economic and genetic potential of Composite Dairy Cattle. We pledge to strive for the success of our members and the dairy industry by creating marketing opportunities that add economic value."
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