Celebrate the madness this coming March with the second annual BOVAMINE® Brackets Challenge from Nutrition Physiology Company, LLC (NPC), maker of BOVAMINE®, BOVAMINE DEFEND®, BOVAMINE® DAIRY and PoultriMax®. Enter a winning bracket for the March 2016 Men's Basketball Tournament and be eligible to receive a one-year lease on a pickup truck of your choice or a vacation travel voucher, both valued at $7,500.

Taking part in the BOVAMINE® Brackets Challenge is as simple as visiting nutritionphysiology.com/bovaminebrackets to register. The entry period to make your bracket selections begins Sunday, March 13, and closes at 12 p.m. EDT on Thursday, March 17, 2016.

The contestant with the highest points at the end of the Challenge will win the grand prize. In addition, a runner-up will be awarded a $4,000 voucher, and weekly winners will receive $500 for selecting the winning teams in the second, third and fourth rounds.

Visit the website regularly during the tournament to track your progress and see the weekly winners.

"The BOVAMINE® Brackets Challenge was an exciting experience last year for our customers – and all of us at NPC – to track the weekly progress and see what the grand prize winner would select," says Greg Jones, director of marketing, NPC. "We're happy to be able to offer this fun challenge again this year, and wish everyone good luck with their bracket selections."

The 2015 BOVAMINE® Brackets Challenge winner was Jim Pforter, a cow and calf producer in New York. He chose the $7,500 travel voucher in order to fly his daughter and family in from Arizona for a family reunion.

Complete rules, including eligibility and delivery of the grand prize, also are available at the nutritionphysiology.com/bovaminebrackets.

About Nutrition Physiology Company, LLC
Founded in 1993, Nutrition Physiology Company, LLC is committed to enhancing the health and productivity of animals. NPC, maker of BOVAMINE®, BOVAMINE DEFEND®, BOVAMINE® DAIRY and PoultriMax®, has built a reputation as the trusted partner for developing innovative probiotics for the cattle and poultry industries. NPC's elite expertise in microbial research has made us the smart choice for delivering scientifically proven probiotic solutions that reduce pathogens for improved animal health and performance. Through programs and partnerships, we collaborate with nutritionists, veterinarians, university researchers, microbiologists
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