It is a pleasure to place this class of Jersey cows D-B-C-A. I started with a pair of youthful, balanced cows in D and B. D's length and extreme style make her stand out in this class, and pairing that advantage with her impressive rear udder earns her the top spot. When compared to B, D is higher in her rear udder with more uniform width. D has more stretch from end to end and is fuller in the crops than B. I also prefer the squarer stance and stronger pasterns of D. I grant that B narrows the gap by being much closer and more correct in her teat placement and by having a smoother fore udder than D.

In the middle pair, B shows more balance throughout and has much more depth and openness of rib than C. From the side, B has a more youthful and appealing udder shape by being more level across the udder floor. I also prefer the smaller teat size of B over C. I grant that C stands more squarely on her rear legs and has more stretch to her frame than B.

Finally, C places over A in a logical bottom pair. The rear udder of C has more height and width along with a more defined cleft than A. C is more refined in her bone, particularly in the hock, and leaner through the neck. Finally, C has more spring to her pasterns and stands more squarely on her hind legs. I do give A an advantage over C in being deeper in her rib and having more power through the front end.

Aaron HorstAaron Horst
Hershey, Pa.
Horst placed the JERSEYS. Horst grew up on his family's Mi-Rose Farm in Chambersburg, Pa., where he and his three younger siblings showed multiple All American and Junior All American Jerseys. In 2005, he was high individual in the 4-H contests at World Dairy Expo and the All-American Dairy Show. Horst graduated Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Tech and was named the National Jersey Youth Achievement Winner. Now a Jersey sire analyst and Cornerstone Specialist for ABS Global, Horst has served as a judging contest official at Madison, Wis., and Louisville, Ky., and judged shows in several eastern states.


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