April 6 2023 02:18 PM


In an exceptional group of Brown Swiss cows, D places over C as she exhibits more strength and power throughout. Furthermore, D displays more spring and pop to her rib. I also prefer her width through the midsection of the rear udder, levelness of the udder floor, and overall veination in her rear udder. However, I grant C is cleaner and flatter in the hock and wider in her pin setting.

In an easy placing, C goes over B as she has more overall dairy quality and cleanliness. I also prefer her height and width at the top of the rear udder and the smoothness of her fore udder attachment. C also exhibits a deeper, more angular rib structure. I grant B does carry more strength throughout.

In my final placing, B goes over A as she shows more dairy strength throughout her frame. I also prefer the height and width at the top of her rear udder. In addition, B is wider through the rump and is neater and straighter in the tail setting. Although a silky hided, stylish cow, A finds herself in the fourth position as she lacks height and width at the top of her rear udder to place any higher in this awesome class of Brown Swiss cows.

About the Judge . . . Michael Heath

MICHAEL HEATH Westminster, Md.
The late Michael Heath placed the BROWN SWISS. He grew up on Spring Valley Jersey Farm owned by his parents, Billy and Betty Heath. Having been heavily influenced by his parents, grandfather, and uncles, Heath became a professional fitter for 14 years after college and later made a living as a dairy cattle breeder and merchandiser. A judge for 35 years, Heath placed cattle at local, state, national, and international levels, including the Holstein, Jersey, and Red and White shows at World Dairy Expo, the All American Jersey Show, and the National Jersey Show at Canada’s Royal Winter Fair. Heath passed away in a farm accident in March.