Dairy producers can now take the guesswork out of breeding

MerialWhen it comes to dairy herd reproduction, missing even one heat can be detrimental to the overall efficiency and profitability of an operation. SYNCHSURE (cloprostenol sodium) from Merial is a prostaglandin that improves reproductive efficiency in cows and heifers by causing regression of the corpus luteum.

In addition to adding efficiency to dairy reproduction, SYNCHSURE is also conveniently packaged with 50 doses per 100 mL bottle and requires no refrigeration, allowing producers to use the product up to 6 months after the first use.1

"SYNCHSURE fits easily into the dairy environment," says Tom Van Dyke, DVM, Merial Veterinary Services. "It is given at a low 2 mL dose that makes injection site damage less likely and has no meat or milk withholding time." 1


Long calving intervals, which can negatively impact an operation's bottom line, are primarily caused by poor heat detection, waiting too long after calving to begin breeding and low conception rates.2 When given to cows and heifers, SYNCHSURE shortens time to first-service, increases estrus detection efficiency and improves uterine health and first service conception rates.3

"With SYNCHSURE, producers have a new option to help ensure consistency across their herd while optimizing breeding protocols," Van Dyke says.

SYNCHSURE is available by prescription only. Please talk to your local veterinarian or Merial Sales Representative to learn more, or visit www.SYNCHSURE.com.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY, NOT FOR HUMAN USE. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Women of child-bearing age, asthmatics, and persons with bronchial and other respiratory problems should exercise extreme caution when handling this product. In the early stages women may be unaware of their pregnancies. SYNCHSURE is readily absorbed through the skin and may cause abortion and/or bronchospasms: direct contact with the skin should therefore be avoided. Accidental spillage on the skin should be washed off immediately with soap and water.

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