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Accelerated GeneticsThe August 2016 Dairy Sire Summary continued to enhance Accelerated Genetics' lineup of proven sires. Producers can use these new leading bulls with confidence to propel their herd into the future!


Leading off the new graduate list is 014HO07223 Ladys-Manor SHAKESPEARE-ET. He is an exciting Epic son from the Ladys-Manor Ruby D cow family. SHAKESPEARE is a component and type specialist, transmitting excellent fat percent (+0.13% PTA Fat), great overall type (+2.08 PTA Type) and fantastic udders (+2.12 Udder Composite). He also sires daughters that stand the test of time (+5.5 Productive Life) and offers positive sire fertility.

014HO07140 Bomaz Air HAMMOND 1343-ET is a component improver transmitting nearly 100 pounds of combined Fat and Protein and being positive for percents with +0.08% PTA Protein and +0.09% PTA Fat. HAMMOND also sires daughters with excellent fertility, as shown by +2.3 Fertility Index, +2.2 Daughter Pregnancy Rate and +3.9 Cow Conception Rate.

014HO07044 Roylane Bookem KRUZ-ET is a Bookem son that is also a component improver with +110 Combined Fat and Protein and +0.17% PTA Fat and +0.11% PTA Protein. He is a solid transmitter of daughter fertility with +1.2 Fertility Index and high daughter conception rates (+1.3 HCR, +1.9 CCR). And KRUZ is also an A2A2 sire.

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