April 26 2017 09:20 AM

Nominate an agriculture leader in your community by May 26, 2017

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Milk Products, maker of Sav-A-Caf® products is excited to introduce the Sav-A-Caf® Youth Impact Award. This award will recognize an agriculture leader who is making an impact on youth in their community.

“The Sav-A-Caf® product team’s commitment to helping young lives thrive extends beyond calves, kids, lambs and chicks – we also value enriching the lives of the next generation of agricultural leaders,” says Stefanie Fieck, house brands manager for Milk Products.

The Sav-A-Caf® Youth Impact Award will recognize one community leader each year who inspires youth to be passionate about animal agriculture.

“Today’s youth are the future of agriculture. Our goal for this new annual award is to recognize an agriculture leader who has an impact on youth, their involvement and interest in agriculture,” says Fieck.


One nominee will be selected; such nominee will designate the non-profit youth organization of their choice to receive the award. The nominee’s designated youth program will receive a $2,000 donation from Milk Products in addition to select Sav-A- Caf® branded products.


  • Nominee must lead or be involved in a leadership role with a non-profit group of youth focused on teaching about agriculture with an animal focus.
  • Nominees can nominate themselves or another individual.
  • Nominees must be 18 years or older at the time of application submission and must lead or be involved in a leadership role with a non-profit youth animal agriculture organization.
  • Evidence that nominee has inspired youth to be passionate about agriculture.
  • Affirmation of nominee’s innovative approaches to educating and inspiring youth engagement in agricultural projects with an animal focus.


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The Sav-A-Caf® brand is manufactured and marketed by Milk Products, based in Chilton, Wis. Milk Products manufacturers high-quality animal milk replacers and young animal health products. Using its innovative manufacturing technology, Milk Products produces over 700 unique animal nutrition products for numerous independent feed manufacturers, wholesale distributors and large retail chains. Our customers choose whether these products are sold under their private label brand, or under the Sav-A-Caf® brand.