May 9 2017 03:16 PM

Web-based technology integrates dairy data sources such as feed, weather, and herd management

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Virtus Nutrition and announced today the launch of joint venture My Dairy Dashboard, an online technology hub that addresses the challenges of dairy data integration and visualization.

My Dairy Dashboard is a new way to visualize and analyze a dairy’s key performance metrics, putting simple yet powerful data visuals at the fingertips of producers and consultants. My Dairy Dashboard connects data sources (e.g., dairy management, feed, milk processor and weather) in one place, making data easier for dairy producers and their advisors to view and analyze. The result: better decisions faster.

(L) Mitch Norby, (R) Dr Kevin Murphy

“This is an exciting time in dairy with new technologies being rapidly developed to track every aspect of dairy production and farming,” says Mitch Norby, CEO of My Dairy Dashboard. “The challenge is that almost every technology has its own system, with no easy way to bring all of this data together so that is can be accurately analyzed. That is what My Dairy Dashboard does in a nutshell,” Norby stated.

Virtus Nutrition and are technology-minded partners and their combined solutions impact the entire dairy industry, from farm to fork. Virtus Nutrition works directly with dairies and their advisors, while’s web-based software solutions streamline dairy supply chain operations.

“This breadth of experience will help My Dairy Dashboard meet the data aggregation needs for individual dairy producers, consultants and other industry partners as well,” said Dr. Kevin Murphy, COO of My Dairy Dashboard. “We are in the

information age where data is sometimes too plentiful. My Dairy Dashboard will help dairies stay focused on what really matters and save consultants time so they can focus on analysis and helping dairies take action to improve their bottom line,” Murphy stated.

My Dairy Dashboard is deep in the development phase with the anticipated launch planned for later in 2017. To stay in the loop with My Dairy Dashboard updates and availability or to sign up to be a beta herd, visit

My Dairy Dashboard Overview

My Dairy Dashboard is a web-based platform that connects and visualizes your dairy data from multiple sources so you can see key trends easily and make better decisions faster. Visual. Mobile. Connected. Learn more at Overview is a pioneering provider of market intelligence and software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the dairy supply chain. These web-based solutions connect the dairy industry to markets, intelligence, and each other. For more information on their advisory capabilities and technology suite, visit

Virtus Nutrition Overview:

Virtus Nutrition manufactures innovative fatty acid feeds for dairy cattle to improve production efficiency, reproduction and immune balance, with the brand names EnerGII, Strata and Prequel. For more information, visit and