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AgriLabs® today introduced a new corporate logo and vision statement – Delivering Biological Innovation® – to coincide with its development of proprietary technologies with the potential to transform animal health. These technologies include a DNA vaccine platform under development for poultry and swine, patented ENABL® adjuvant technology that allows more efficient delivery of both DNA and traditional vaccines, and a new custom vaccine offering with proprietary manufacturing processes for hard-to-grow viruses such as certain PRRS strains.

"Our DNA technology, which includes ENABL adjuvants, represents the next generation of biological innovation in animal health," says Sean O'Hare, executive vice president of AgriLabs. "These technological advancements allow AgriLabs to deliver a custom vaccine option that is truly different from -- and more flexible than -- others in the market."

O'Hare also notes last year’s acquisitions of Benchmark Biolabs, VaxLiant and Antelope Valley Bios as key milestones in the transformation of the company’s research, development and manufacturing functions.

"Given the evolution of the company, it's appropriate for AgriLabs to reflect a more contemporary design in our branding and to adopt a vision statement that reflects our new path," O'Hare says. The new brand elements will appear in the company's marketing and advertising in the coming months.

A Legacy of Innovation

The establishment of AgriLabs in 1984 was an innovation in itself, demonstrating a new way of marketing animal health products through a network of independent distributors with reach across the country. Since then, the company has continued breaking new ground in the industry.

AgriLabs pioneered the use of Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application (ANADA) under the Generic Animal Drug and Patent Term Restoration Act. In addition, AgriLabs commercialized vaccines with Siderophore Receptor and Porin (SRP®) technology. It also launched the innovative VetGunTM insecticide delivery system that allows application of insecticide from 15 to 30 feet away – without the handling or stress of other forms of treatment.

"Our new branding conveys the contemporary, innovative company that we are and the new place in the animal health industry we're working toward," O'Hare says.

About AgriLabs: AgriLabs® is a leader in biological innovation for animal health in the United States. Through proprietary DNA platform and adjuvant technologies, AgriLabs is delivering the next generation of vaccine solutions for farm animals. These technologies -- combined with other innovative products and the leading distribution network in the United States -- uniquely position AgriLabs to improve animal health, nutrition and productivity. For more information, visit

About Benchmark Biolabs:
Benchmark Biolabs is a leader in animal biologics contract research in the United States and around the globe. A member of the AgriLabs® family of companies, Benchmark has an extraordinary track record of research and regulatory firsts. Through expert, confidential and responsive services, Benchmark helps speed the biological innovation process from concept to commercialization.

About VaxLiant: VaxLiant®, a member of the AgriLabs® family of companies, develops and markets innovative adjuvant technologies that optimize vaccine performance. Through a portfolio that includes ready-to-use ENABL® adjuvants and fully customizable BioMize adjuvants, VaxLiant enhances traditional and DNA platform vaccines that improve animal health and productivity.

About Antelope Valley Bios: Antelope Valley Bios, a member of the AgriLabs® family of companies, provides contract manufacturing services for animal vaccines. Through a new, state-of-the-art USDA-licensed facility, Antelope Valley Bios produces biological products that meet the highest levels of quality and efficiency for a wide range of start-ups and established global companies.