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Technology is only as good as its users are applying it correctly and consistently. Many farmers have invested in technology, but eventually use only a small fraction of the capabilities of the system because they don’t have the support to maximize its use. Call to find out how the investment you have already made can save you time, labor and money by using more of its capabilities.

With the spread of all the new technology in the dairy industry, a unique gap has become evident, as veterinary and nutritional consultants have not yet caught up with the new technologies. It takes a special understanding of available technologies and cow management to integrate both for optimal use of these technologies on the farm.

This is where Athyr Vet comes into the picture. It is owned and operated by Dr. Aurora Villarroel, a veterinarian with over 20 years of experience in the dairy industry from the ground up as herd manager to clinician in rural veterinary practice, university faculty, extension veterinarian, as well pharma and technology industries. With a masters and PhD degree in veterinary epidemiology and extensive practical experience specialized in dairy herd health and reproduction.

The focus is making data-driven management and economic decisions that maximize herd health, animal wellbeing and economic sustainability. This is accomplished through the practical use of dairy herd management systems: activity monitors, milk sensors such as AfiLab, lameness detection with pedometers, etc. Specialized in Afimilk products, but also experience with Alpro, DairyPlan, SCR, and other technologies such as ruminal boluses. Once trained in a specific technology, others are easy to learn, and the patterns learned with one technology can be applied to others.

Because it is technology, most of the work is done remotely through internet connection, avoiding expensive travel costs, although in person visits are also an option. We work with your consultants to help them develop confidence with the technology so they can better help on their regular work at the farm. Worldwide consulting available also in other languages (Spanish [native], German and French).