Oct. 4 2017 11:24 AM

DBC Ag Productsenhances products to offer more protection to dairy and beef calves.

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

DBC Ag Products introduces new product enhancements to First Arrival® with Encrypt® and Last Stand® with ImmWave® to increase the level of immune system and digestive health support delivered to calves. The new formulation of First Arrival® with Encrypt® and Last Stand® with ImmWave® create an innovative, proprietary combination of ingredients never combined before.

The new powerful combination of ingredients help protect dairy and beef calves against digestive challenges when they are most vulnerable.

“We are continuously evolving to meet the needs of the everchanging world and the challenges farmers face when raising the future of their herd,” says Dan Baum, president, DBC Ag Products. “Newborn calf-care protocols are as important as anything else you do on the farm, and our goal is to provide the best tools possible to provide maximum digestive support and promote a healthy immune system.”

With the enhancements to First Arrival®, calves now receive even more support to help them reach their full genetic potential and drive on-farm profitability. Herds incorporating First Arrival® with Encrypt® into their management plan as recommended are reporting a range of benefits including optimal digestive health, healthy responsive immune systems, more active calves and spending up to 60 percent less on antibiotics.

In times when illness does occur, the enhanced Last Stand® provides even more powerful support for calves hit with severe digestive challenges. Given orally to a severely sick calf, all-natural Last Stand® with ImmWave® provides ingredients that can help promote a healthy digestive tract and help maintain a functioning immune system.

Both products are excellent for producers looking for alternatives options that fall under the new Rx and VFD mandates. In addition, many organic certifiers are adding First Arrival® with Encrypt® and Last Stand® with ImmWave® to their approved list for dairy, beef, sheep and goat producers. Neither product contains animal slaughter by-products, like bone charcoal. Always ask your certifier for permission to use these products before administering.

“Mother nature doesn’t stand still, so neither do we. We continue to raise the bar to give our customers and their calves the powerful support they deserve,” says David Mathes, director of sales and marketing, DBC Ag Products.

For more information contact David Mathes, (717) 509-5724 or email: dlmathes@danielbaumco.com.

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