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CRV USA is excited to release strong lineups for the Fleckvieh, MRY and Red Holstein breeds—delivering on our promise to help producers build better cows for a better life. For several years, CRV USA has helped customers truly focus on ways to make their operation more profitable: building healthier herds, driving efficient production, and producing premium milk. That focus continues today and the rise in popularity of the red breeds has not escaped the attention of CRV USA. CRV USA is therefore extremely excited to offer a Red Breed Sire Directory.

  • Fleckvieh bull WALK 097FL80493 headlines the lineup at an outstanding 140 TMI with 1008 kgs Milk. His high udder conformation and health means his daughters will produce well for several lactations.
  • New release Fleckvieh bull VERTIGO 97FL59510 will work well in crossbreeding situations as our leader for udder conformation at 129. This A2A2 bull has great calving ease and daughter fertility to ensure the health of his next generation.
  • MAHUTA P 097FL59680 is a polled Fleckvieh bull that brings in a tremendous amount of milk and a great linear profile. With great slope to the rump and strong feet and legs the daughters will be fertile and long lasting.
  • Newly daughter proven Fleckvieh bull DAX 097FL71420 pairs being A2A2 with strong production and component percentages. Great udders and easy calving makes DAX a great fit for any operation and can be used with daughter proven confidence.
  • MRY bull HARM 097MI41831 is a leading Rivaal son with outstanding component percentages at 0.30% Fat and 0.01% Protein, paired with below average somatic cell counts and well attached udders.

CRV USA also has a wide variety of Red, Red Carrier, and Polled sires from our breeding programs in Holland. These sires all represent the desire to increase components and breed efficient cows while allowing producers to take advantage of red and polled genes. One example of this is PERPLEX RED PP 097HO41419 who is 1281 kgs milk and over two points on udder composite. Those values paired with being homozygous polled allows him to fit in a variety of breeding goals.

To learn more about our Fleckvieh, MRY and Red Holstein lineup and how CRV can help you build BETTER COWS FOR A BETTER LIFE, check out our new red breed directory and the links below or contact a CRV Genetic Consultant today at 1-855-CRV-COWS.

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