The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

E&R Sales, LLC, a leader in the sale and distribution of agricultural waste management equipment, announced today that their name will change to Skinner AgSolutions LLC. This change will become effective January 2, 2018, when they will also unveil their new company web site and brand identity.

The rebranded Skinner AgSolutions and its founder, Ron Skinner, have over four decades of experience in serving the agricultural waste marketplace. A long-time supplier of pumps, mixers, valves and other equipment, Skinner AgSolutions began to specialize in the ag waste/biogas industry in 2009. Since that time, they have become a leading provider of equipment systems for dairy and hog waste management across the country.

“This is much more than just a name change and rebranding exercise. We are refocusing our company on providing custom-engineered solutions for our customers in three key areas – manure handling, biogas and nutrient recovery,” said Ron Skinner, President of Skinner AgSolutions.

To complement the company’s current OEM supplier relationships, Skinner AgSolutions also announced that they have become an authorized distributor of Godwin-Xylem rental pumps and equipment to the agricultural market. “This new rental option is a great alternative for those livestock facilities that aren’t ready to purchase a complete manure handling system,” said Skinner. “Now, they can rent the latest in pump and manure handling technology from Skinner AgSolutions, only when needed for seasonal emptying of their lagoons or pit storage.”

About Skinner AgSolutions LLC: Skinner AgSolutions is the exclusive distributor of Flygt-Xylem pumps, mixers and related equipment for the agricultural/biogas market. In addition, they are an authorized distributor of Godwin-Xylem, Goulds-Xylem, Boerger, BA Valves and Controls, Jash Valves, ShoorSeal Valves, AL-2 Teknik, and Mapro equipment. As announced, they are also an authorized distributor of Godwin-Xylem rental pumps and related equipment for the agricultural market. Skinner AgSolutions uses these equipment resources to provide custom-engineered solutions for their agricultural customers in three key areas – manure handling, biogas and nutrient recovery.

For more information: Visit Skinner AgSolutions on the web at, when the new site is launched on January 2, 2018.