Brown Swiss cow ABrown Swiss cow B
Cow A Cow B

Brown Swiss cow CBrown Swiss cow D
Cow C Cow D

My placing for this fine class of Brown Swiss is A C D B. I think you should start with the pair of cows that exhibit more dairy quality over the pair of strong cows lacking in bloom.

A goes over C on her definite advantage in mammary. A is more nearly level between the fore and rear quarters with a fuller fore udder. She is more correct in her teat size and placement with a more defined suspensory ligament. Furthermore, A is a little longer from end to end with more depth of heart and width of chest. What makes this close is that C is the more stylish, open-ribbed dairy cow with a better set to the leg.

In my middle pair, C easily goes over D because of her tremendous advantage in dairy quality and style. C is much leaner throughout being especially cleaner in her head and neck. She exhibits more openness of rib and a cleaner bone in her leg. C excels in style being leveler across her topline and more correct in her tail setting. In addition, C has more height and width to her rear udder. I grant that D has more width of chest.

Finally, D goes over B because she displays more depth and openness of rear rib. In addition, D has an advantage in capacity of udder being wider in the rear udder and longer and fuller in the fore quarters. D also shows more clearly defined halving in the rear udder. I recognize B is a bit more correct in her tail setting. However, B goes to the bottom because of her absence of dairy character and lack of udder quality.

David SelnerDavid Selner
Shawano, Wis.
Selner placed the BROWN SWISS. He holds a Ph.D in dairy science and is a dairy genetics consultant. He has served on the National Brown Swiss Genetic Advisory Committee. Selner judged these Brown Swiss shows: Wisconsin State Show, Pennsylvania All American Junior Show, Ohio State Fair, and shows in the Dominican Republic and Honduras.

In his youth, he was high individual at the 4-H contest held at the Chicago International. He served as superintendent of the National Intercollegiate Judging Contest for the past 20 years. Selner also serves on the World Dairy Expo board of directors and as Chairman of the Dairy Show Committee.


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