March 27 2018 10:49 AM

one™feed streamlines the feeding process and makes dairies more efficient.

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Milc group is proud to offer a new cloud-based software platform called one™. One™ is a platform that will house multiple modules for dairy management. The first module being launched is one™feed, an affordable and innovative feeding program completely accessible from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer by downloading the one™ app.

Once a dairy goes through a set up process, every feeder has access to instructable feedsheets to feed cows and the administrator will have the capability to adjust data from anywhere, anytime. Most importantly, the app is in real-time so all aspects of the feeding process are updated constantly and available directly on all dairy team members’ devices.

“By eliminating the need for feed sheets and providing real time information, we believe this platform will transform how dairymen feed their cows,” says Raffael Lichdi, Director of Sales and Marketing at milc group.

For a limited time, milc group is offering a free 30-day trial and it can be accessed at

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